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The best part is... The gods looked down on the planet Earth they had created and said, “Man needs mobility, adventure and camarade- rie." So, in a blinding flash of light and smoke the BMW motorcycle appeared, and the gods said, “It is good!” Sometime later they looked in on their

favorite planet and said with great omnip- otence, “Man has become obsessed with adding farkles, one-upping each other with touring clothing, new models and distances traveled. This is NOT good!” Then there was another blast of light and a whirling cloud of smoke out of which stumbled Jack Riepe to entertain and inform us with his observations, twisted phrases, sarcasm.

Jack is the best part of your magazine.

Every motorcycle magazine should have its own Jack Riepe, especially the ones dedicated to machinery made in Milwau- kee. I salute you, Jack, with a flagon of 12-year-old Scotch and a bottle of lini- ment. Excelsior!

Kim Bené #76511 West Valley City, Utah

A response to a response I have to respond to Christie Nestler’s (June Owners News) comments about Jack the Reipe’s articles. You say you are a new rider. I am not

and I too, am a female rider. The sense of community you feel removed from exists for a wide range of riders from many walks of life. It can be bawdy and sexist and exclusive, and they will almost all still stop and lend a hand when you need it and treat you with more respect than average, no matter how you fill out your Kevlar.

Melinda Haid #94311 Fayetteville, West Virginia

Robert Kimmel #151064 Ocean City, Maryland

Sharing risks and rewards Kudos to Lee Parks for his article (June 2017 Owners News) titled "Origins of the Wave."

No matter what type of bike we ride,

our experience, skill or desire, we are brothers and sisters in the world of motor- cycling. I agree with Mr. Parks in that a simple wave lets the other rider know that we see them and they are acknowledged for sharing the risk and rewards of this beautiful way of enjoying the world. Chapeau!

Mark Spencer #176325 Bend, Oregon

The post-ride checklist Good advice from Marvin Ewen in the August Owners News on a pre-ride check- list. Let's alter some of this slightly and perform a POST-ride checklist. At the end of the day’s ride, I’ve learned

14 BMW OWNERS NEWS October 2017

Misogyny I could not agree more with Christie Nestler's letter "Not a fan of Riepe” in the July issue. While I sometimes find Jack amusing, the bad is beginning to outweigh the use- ful. Nestler is specific in her criticisms, and I often have to weigh whether I will renew my membership based on the value of the magazine vs. the increasing sexism and distasteful atmosphere at some of the rallies.

flights of fancy and

I guess I am just a bleeding heart, but the publishing of disingenuous letters defending the rally site choice seem self- serving. I admire those people who live their principles on a daily basis and not those who either have no principles or make excuses by creating false analogies.

to run through all my lights, horn, wheel bolts, and spin the tires looking for for- eign objects. My thinking is, whatever I find can be corrected at my leisure in the afternoon as opposed to the next morn- ing when I'm anxious to get under way. Changing a bulb or plugging a tire is more enjoyable while having a drink, versus in the morning with other folks waiting on me. Yes, I've found a bulb or two that needed changing, and more than my share of rear tires that needed plugging. Then, in the morning all that's left is checking air pressure on cold tires and cold oil level. I'm not Einstein that came up with this.

My guru, Ron Schmidt, taught this at a seminar in Panguitch, Utah.

John Chicola #118557 Cuba, New York

Thank you BMW MOA This is overdue but I wanted to thank the BMW MOA for everything you did to include and promote the Motorcycle Relief Project as a beneficiary at this year's rally in Salt Lake City. We had a fantastic show and met lots of

great people. I had six of our alumni (vet- erans who've gone through our program) helping out at our booth and there were times when all seven us of were talking to someone about our program! We had a constant flow of people coming by. People ask me all the time what BMW

corporate has done for us as a sponsor. When I admit that so far we haven't received any funding from corporate, people often suggest that I look for a dif- ferent motorcycle company to be our sponsor. I then explain all that the MOA has done for us.

Not only has the MOA supported us financially at the rally and the Getaways, you also provide us with free advertising in BMW Owners News. Those ads in your



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