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Adaptive programs looking to give students a better experience from the boots up PLJKW DOVR ZDQW WR ORRN DW WKH RffHULQJV IURP $SH[ .DWLH =LQQ D /HYHO ΖΖΖ DGDSWLYH instructor for Vail Ski & Snowboard School and Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation – and co-author of PSIA-AASI’s Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual – is a fan of how soft and pliable Apex boots are. She also likes that you can take the boot out of its external chassis, which can help students with disabilities walk better in their boots. “When it comes to the needs of adap-

tive students, instructors do what they do best – adapt their approach to the needs of the student and consider vari- ous options,” she said. “I had a student

MAGIC BOOTS GRANT FREEDOM: ONE FAMILY’S SUCCESS STORY One such student is 14-year-old Caroline. Caroline is able to walk and wears AFOs to stabilize her gait but cannot wear conven- tional ski boots. Because of that, she had been relegated to the bi-ski on previous trips to our program. All that changed over the course of one lesson in February 2017. Her mom and dad told us about their visit in this brief letter: “It started with Caroline being fitted

with boots. Caroline is nonverbal and has a neurological disorder known as partial agenesis of the corpus callosum but expresses herself in ways we all know and understand. We arrived on the evening before Caroline’s lesson so we could try the new Full Tilt boots to see if Caroline would be comfortable in them. She tried them on and walked around the room without complaining. In the morning she went to the beginner slope with the Magic Carpet. With the help of her instructors, Caroline was on her way to skiing stand- ing up! Although she complained a little because it was hard work, she enjoyed her freedom and trying something new. In the afternoon, Caroline graduated to

a harder slope – again, hard work, but she was able to use the chairlift, which gave her the time to rest in between her runs down the hill. We also had a chair with us in the event she needed a break. On one run the instructors brought her over to us for a break and Caroline fell asleep for a few minutes – a power nap. She then proceeded to ski several more times down the hill. It was a wonderful day for all of us to

see Caroline ski and enjoy the time. She promptly fell asleep in the car for the ride home. We look forward to participating in the ski program as much as possible this year and in the years to come. Caroline is

Stay warm on your next adventure! 1-800-432-8629 – 1-800-432-8629 – THESNOWPROS.ORG | 53

ZLWK D ȆORFNHGȇ DQNOH ZKR EHQHfiWHG D great deal from the entry method for )XOO 7LOW ERRWV DQG RWKHUV ZKRȇYH GRQH well with Apex boots. And other boot manufacturers might have the edge because of the shape and width of the WRHER[ ΖWȇV DOO DERXW WKH fiW DQG ZKDWȇV best for the guest.” The good news is that adaptive skiers

have more options these days, in addition to instructors and rental shop technicians who want to help them succeed on snow. Students are stoked… and so are boot manufacturers. “I love that anyone from Bode Miller

to a person with a fused ankle can use our boots to make their day better,”

now able to ski standing up with the assis- tance of her magic boots!”

Adaptive instructors are always looking for the best way to help their students minimize their disability and maximize their ability. We often laugh that duct tape and foam padding are our most useful tools. Not since the mid-90s, when the Elan SCX changed the ease with which we learned to ski, has there been an innovation in standard skiing

said Josh Malc- zyk, global brand GLUHFWRU IRU )XOO Tilt. “My brother is the program direc- tor of Teton Adap- tive Sports, and I’ve hung out with many adaptive skiers over the years while visit- ing him. It gives me amazing perspective DQG HQMR\PHQW WR VHH RXU JHDU SXW WR XVH ȋ If you would like to learn more about

Apex Boot

the boots mentioned in this article, check RXW )XOO 7LOW ERRWV DW HQ XV IXOOWLOWERRWV com/ski-boots and Apex boots at apex- Both companies are PSIA- $$6Ζ 2ɝFLDO 6XSSOLHUV

equipment with the potential to impact the adaptive world like the Full Tilt ski boot. If you have students who are struggling as stand-up skiers, try the Full Tilt boots and I believe you’ll see a remarkable difference in their comfort and progress.

Kim Seevers is the program development and grants director for New York’s Adaptive Sports Foundation. She is the former education director for PSIA-AASI.

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