PSIA-AASI divisions are hard at work, developing initiatives and educational opportunities to help snow pros excel on snow. See what’s happening in your division… and others!


his spring – for the first time ever – five divisions are jointly hosting the end-of-season celebration known as Spring Symposium, scheduled for April 12-14 at Sun Valley, Idaho. The get-together has taken place every three years for Intermoun-

tain, Northern Intermountain, and North- west divisions, and Central and Rocky Mountain divisions are joining this year. Designed to celebrate snowsports and the sense of community all instructors share, the event also represents an opportunity for these divisions to honor their award winners and recognize anniversary years of

their members. And the more the merrier; these five host divisions welcome members from across disciplines and divisions to attend Spring Symposium. Participants can mix and mingle with talented clinicians from across the country to slide, share, and have fun – it’s a great time to network and collaborate. The concept of an event hosted by five divisions

came about as they worked more closely on PSIA- AASI’s 3 Cs (Communication, Collaboration, and Consolidation) and realized the opportunities that come from aligning goals and crossing boundaries said Northwest Division CEO Kirsten Huotte. “What better way to highlight this solidarity than getting on snow together for a year-end event? We look forward to instructors gathering with their snowsports family to have fun, get inspired, and make this a party to remember!” Organizers are anticipating more than

300 participants, so sign up today through your division website ( sions) to reserve your spot.


The Eastern Board of Direc- tors recently approved and appointed NextCore, an action and advisory group

of young members age 16-36. They repre- sent the division’s next core of members, whose input and involvement is consid- ered crucial to current and future initia- tives. As currently configured, 13 members of the “action” group and 24 members of the “advisory” group will regularly engage with division members via Basecamp proj- ect management software, social media, and Eastern Division events. Eastern Division President Ross Boisvert

said, “I am thrilled for this newly appointed group of Next Core members. This new group of core members will help us move forward and lead our organization toward a healthy future.”


Intermountain is evolving! You may have already noticed the changing “face” of its communications; the divi-

sion’s new Face Shots e-newsletter is more concise, more frequent, and more relevant. Intermountain members should receive it in their inbox, let us know if you don’t. We are also connecting more with our member schools; for instance, the Ski School Direc-

tors Group is moving to biannual meet- ings and increasing the frequency of their communication. Looking to the future, Intermountain’s board has decided to name an executive director next year, who will step up our strategic planning, outreach, and our connection to YOU, the member.


Northern Rocky Mountain welcomes Antelope Butte back to operation this winter after temporarily closing in 2004.

The home area for Wyoming towns Sheridan and Grey Bull is now managed by the Antelope Butte Foundation (antelopebuttefoundation. org), which who purchased the area in 2016. The Foundation’s mission is “to provide affordable and attainable year- round mountain recreation, training, and education opportunities, with a focus on youth and beginners.” The Northern Rocky Mountain team looks forward to partnering with Antelope Butte for many seasons to come!


Each season seems to fly by, with never enough time to do all the things we want. Hopefully you had time

this season to hone your skills, slide with friends, push yourself, and enjoy the snowy

environment that is our second home. We are fortunate to be able to do what we do and share the love of snowsports with others and we’d like to acknowledge that! Join us in late April for a laid back, relax- ing, “member appreciation day.” Details were still in the works at press

time, so check out the division’s event calen- dar at We will slide around with other NW family members, enjoy the spring conditions, and say thanks for being a member. #psiaaas- inwwearefamily #withoutyouthereisnous #learnteachinspire


From the large turnout at our Professional Development Day in October to our successful hosting of the National Nordic

Rendezvous, our season has been in full swing, and we can’t thank our amazing members enough! And we still have more fun to come. Working on our theme of inclusion, we have been planning and putting on many customized “traveling” education events and exams, where groups of members can choose their location and date to fit their needs. Besides those types of events, be sure to look out for our Spring Session on March 18 and our Spring Conven- tion April 26-28. Both events will be held at Mammoth and include education clinics for all disciplines and levels.


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