Summer 2018 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 3

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I’m happy to announce that this is the 10th anniversary of Park Pilot

magazine and AMA’s Park Pilot program. Park Pilot’s mission is to inspire, inform, and instruct aeromodelers with a focus on safety, camaraderie, and fun! I’m guessing that it won’t be a surprise to anyone reading this to state that the hobby industry is changing and evolving. Some companies have closed and others have been purchased by competing companies.

The changes in our industry have made it more diffi cult to bring you reviews in each issue that fall within the Park Pilot guidelines, being 2 pounds or less and fl ying at 60 mph or less. In the past, we have run occasional reviews of aircraft that are slightly beyond the guidelines, knowing that many readers are full AMA members who add this publication to their membership benefi ts. I also know that those who are Park Pilot Program members likely don’t see the value in having reviews of aircraft that fall beyond the guidelines. With the goal of bringing you the content that you feel is most engaging, I would enjoy hearing from Park Pilot readers regarding the additional feature content, beyond reviews, that you would like to see. Do you most enjoy construction articles, how-to articles, event coverage, or human-interest stories? If you appreciate seeing an occasional review of an aircraft that is in the 2- to 3-pound weight range, I would appreciate knowing that as well. Your input will help to craft the best magazine possible that continues to evolve to best serve our readers. Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback.

04 PARK PILOT [Summer 2018]

“With the goal of bringing you the content that you feel is most engaging, I would enjoy hearing from Park Pilot readers regarding the additional feature content, beyond reviews, that you would like to see.”

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Park Pilot LV DQ RI¿ FLDO SXEOLFDWLRQ RI WKH $FDGHP\ RI 0RGHO $HURQDXWLFV $0$ ,QFRUSRUDWHG D QRQ SUR¿ W RUJDQL]DWLRQ Park Pilot is published quarterly at 5161 E. Memorial Dr., Muncie, Indiana 47302. Copyright AMA, 2018. Park Pilot and the AMA logo are trademarks of the AMA. © 2018 Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc. (“AMA”) All rights reserved, reproduction in whole or in part without the express written permission of AMA is prohibited. Park Pilot is a registered trademark of AMA.

6XEVFULSWLRQ 5DWHV IRU $0$ 0HPEHUV When enrolling in AMA’s Park Pilot Program, members will receive Park Pilot PDJD]LQH DV D PHPEHUVKLS EHQH¿ W :KHQ membership in the AMA includes a subscription to Park Pilot, $7 of the dues are for the subscription. Membership is open to all who are interested in model aviation. Open AMA members may add a one-year subscription to Park Pilot to their membership for $9.95 a year, payable in advance. Schools (U.S.): $8 per year. Libraries (U.S.): $8 per year. Send subscription orders/payments and changes of address to the attention of the AMA Membership Department. Six weeks are required for change of address. Please give new and old addresses as printed on the latest label.

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