Pilot’s Choice Product Revewduct Reviiew Photos by Dillon Carpenter and Kyle Jaracz

Horizon Hobby ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF Basic Simple soaring for beginners and experts


There are many reasons why I most often choose park fl yers to take with me to the

fi eld. Among them are portability, size, simplicity, and durability. With family commitments, work, and other such responsibilities, I often only have a narrow window of opportunity to get something into the air. As such, the park pilot genre is a perfect fi t, and this ParkZone Conscendo has fi lled an otherwise empty niche in my park fl yer portfolio. The Conscendo Advanced comes in two versions: a BNF (Bind-N-Fly) version and a receiverless PNP (Plug- N-Play) option. I received the BNF version for review and paired it with a Spektrum DX5e radio to illustrate the simplicity of the controls.

Owners of the original Conscendo S

(reviewed in the August 2016 issue of Model Aviation magazine) have likely put it through its paces and found a few areas for improvement—namely the need to increase the strength of the fuselage and to increase the propulsion system’s power. Those improvements have been incorporated into the updated Conscendo Advanced. You’ll notice as you begin the assembly process that the fuselage has been reinforced. I gently fl exed the

fuselage and am pleased to report that the

resistance to torque is apparent and

appreciated. Keep in mind, this is built o

mind, this is built out of EPO foam. It’s not constructed EPO foam. It’s not constructed

out of carbon fi ber, so don’t expect to put it through intentional abuse. Assembly is easy and took me

roughly 15 minutes to complete after reading the detailed instructions. One recommendation I have that differs from the manual is to set the servo throws on the elevator control horn as far in as possible. This enabled more control in the pitch axis and solved what I felt was less control in that axis than I preferred. Removing the canopy/battery

hatch is accomplished by depressing a button behind the canopy and in front of the wing’s leading edge. This allows a secure mechanical attachment that is, in my opinion, superior to a magnetized closure. Building instructions and illustrations are provided in the

All of the components as delivered are laid out and ready for construction.

The Horizon Hobby ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF Basic will fit the soaring needs of beginner to advanced pilots.

manual and are easy to follow manual and are easy to follow.

The aircraft can be disassembled and placed back into its original box. But if

The aircraft can be disassembled and placed back into its original box. But if you do so, keep some packing tape handy because you will need to reaffi x the tail every time you go to the fi eld, then cut the tape to remove the horizontal stabilizer. I recommend leaving the box at home and only removing the wing halves for transport. Remember that the option to use the box is there if you have the need or inclination.

The battery included with this review aircraft is a 3S 1,800 mAh LiPo. Although the model was slightly nose-heavy with this battery, it fi t in the compartment well and was a good choice for putting the aircraft through its “sport” paces.

I chose to switch to a 3S 1,300 mAh LiPo battery when soaring to reduce nose weight. That is what

The battery compartment is easily accessed and can handle larger batteries. Kyle recommends a 3S 1,300 mAh LiPo.

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