Blade and ImmersionRC have teamed up to deliver the cutting-edge Vortex 230 Mojo FPV BNF Basic racer with Spektrum technology (BLH9260; $399.99). The latest in mini-quad FPV racing performance and convenience, it has the added benefits of BNF, so you can race like a professional right out of the box. A Spektrum 4648 DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver is preinstalled. The BetaFlight firmware- equipped Fusion F3 flight controller, full-graphic OSD (On Screen Display), and “Tramp” 40-channel video transmitter are all fully integrated. The Vortex 230 Mojo has the support of seven fully integrated 32-bit ARM processors that are dedicated for the flight controller, OSD, the programmable LED board at the back of the quadcopter, and one each for the four custom, high-performance ESCs. The racer also includes Dynamic Power Control, Integrated Touch- n-Race, a PitStick Mode, and has been ProTuned so that it flies as though it is on rails. The bright LEDs can be user programmed, and a lost-model beeper will get the racer back into the game fast. A full-range, five-plus-channel, multifunction 2.4 GHz transmitter utilizing Spektrum DSM2/DSMX technology, 5.8 GHz-compatible FPV headset or monitor, 3S to 4S 1,350 mAh LiPo flight battery, and suitable battery charger are required.


Building on the success of the original ParkMaster 3D, the Multiplex ParkMaster Pro Kit (Part No. M214275; $74.99) and ParkMaster Pro Kit Plus (Part No. M264275; $189.99) are the new champions, capable of the most extreme park flyer aerobatics. Carbon-fiber spars and longerons give the airframe maximum rigidity while saving weight, and the reinforced motor mount is suitable for most powerful motors. An optional carbon-fiber firewall offers increased support and stability. Optimized for outdoor aerobatics and docile handling, the aircraft excels in confined spaces and moderate wind, and has the 3D aerobatic capability to perform loops, rolls, and anything else thrown at it! The ParkMaster Pro requires a six-channel radio system, four servos, a 2816 1,220 Kv brushless motor, 40-amp ESC, 10 x 4.7-inch propeller, 3S 950 mAh LiPo battery, and a minimum five-channel receiver. The Kit Plus includes a Himax HC2816-1220 motor and MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC ESC, Multiplex Nano Pro-S servos, and a 10 x 4.7SF propeller.

Stevens AeroModel

The 1911 Nieuport UM ToonScale (Item Number: SAK-NIEUPORTUM; $39) is the second aircraft in the Great Race! series of micro model kits from Stevens AeroModel. The Nieuport, unlike the previously released 1909 Demoiselle, did not have a role in the movie Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, but it did see plenty of air racing action during the period that the movie was based upon. The kit was engineered to take advantage of advanced interlocking cutting techniques and specialized laser-cut assembly methods that were pioneered by Stevens AeroModel. The Nieuport has been engineered around ParkZone micro electronics that are available through the Stevens AeroModel website or your local hobby shop. The micro indoor model includes a step-by-step illustrated assembly manual, full-size detail drawings, hand-selected, laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood, scale motor and spoke wheel details, and a comprehensive hardware package. You supply the brushed motor, servo/ESC/receiver brick, a propeller, LiPo battery, covering film, glue, and an optional full-color cartoon pilot and decal set (sold separately).


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