Continue to celebrate Team USA as well as team behind the team

By Rich Lepping, Past USCA Board of Directors Chairman

manship – and what a trip it was as I celebrated with our Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Washington, D.C., at the United States Olym- pic Committee Team USA Awards, presented by Dow. Although I was with the men’s gold-medal team, the women’s Olympic team and the incred- ible Paralympic team, celebrating an unbeliev- able season (maybe historic), I was imagining all the athletes and teams that have come before


ell, that’s a wrap!! On Friday, April 27, 2018, I finished the last trip of my chair-

them. Tinking how far our sport has come. And, more importantly, how can we capitalize on all the success we have had this year? Well, it’s time for someone else to answer that.

Instead I’d rather take this opportunity to just say thank you! Tank you to our athletes, you the members,

our Board of Directors, and our two very impor- tant partners, the United States Olympic com- mittee and the World Curling Federation. You have made my time unforgettable. Tanks also to our CEO Rick Patzke and the entire staff, coaches, volunteers, and ice technicians. All of you have had a hand in reshaping and redefining our sport, culture and legacy. Your guidance and

support helped us through difficult times and your unwavering desire to be the best is some- thing I will always remember. Tis sport has given Beth and me more than

we can give it! Tanks for giving me the op- portunity to serve you. We have been blessed to know you and our many friends around the world! I wish your new chairwoman, Courtney Schmidt, all the best and continued success. See you on the ice! Good curling! Q

Board of Directors nominate new board chair, vice

By Gordon Maclean, Secretary, USCA Board of Directors

Te USCA Board of Directors met on April

20-21 at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colora- do Springs. Here are the key items of agreement from this board meeting: Nominated and Elected a Slate of Candi-

dates– Te Governance and Nominating Com- mittee presented the Board with a slate of candi- dates to fill open standing committee seats and executive positions: Courtney Schmidt (Board Chairwoman); Catharine Persinger (Board Vice Chairwoman); Beau Welling and Leland Rich (World Curling Federation representa- tives); Ron Kloth and James Pleasants (Judicial Committee); Catharine Persinger, Rich Lep- ping, Scott Stevinson, and Russ Brown (Finance Committee); Jon Wilson, Russ Lemcke, and Debbie Horn (Nominating/Governance Com- mittee); Michael Shalhoub and Tomas Godar (Ethics Committee). Tere were no nominations from the floor and the entire slate was elected on a unanimous vote. Beau Welling was also nominated to be put forth to the World Curl- ing Federation (WCF) membership for election in September to the WCF Executive Committee position currently held by Andy Anderson. CEO Operational Report Presented – Ful-

filled a Congressional request for information regarding the USCA’s SafeSport compliance, and a similar request from an independent auditor of the USOC. Reviewed Olympic and post-Olympic media exposure, including over 464,000 unique visitors to our website in February, doubling of our Twitter following, and 7.5 million live view- ers of the men’s Olympic gold-medal game. Cur- rent USCA membership is at over 22,500. Te men’s program is currently third in the WCF rankings while the women are ranked seventh. Currently working on the High Performance Plan for the next Olympic Quad. 2017 Audit Approved – Te Board approved

the 2017 Audit Report. Te Letter to Manage- ment indicated a few items that have been re- viewed by the Finance Committee. 2018 Budget Reviewed – All indications are

that we will end the year in a better financial situ- ation than what was budgeted. Identified the Standard for Board Members

Involvement and Responsibility – Te board reviewed the USCA’s expectations for its board members. Ad Hoc Committee Reports - Final reports

were presented by the Revenue Development, Membership, and History committees. Te Rev- enue Development report focused on the contin- ued efforts to bring in new sponsorships, espe-

cially given the high profile of curling following recent on-ice successes. Te biggest challenge is developing demographic information needed by potential

sponsors to justify sponsorship.

Te Membership Committee report focused on the modification to the bylaws to reduce fees to newly-formed clubs – an expanded definition of what constitutes a club, and presented a survey of services provided by the various state/regional associations. Te History Committee report fo- cused on upcoming efforts to digitize existing corporate paper documents and the establish- ment of an athlete results database that provides a searchable database of career accomplish- ments. Te Board voted to disband those ad-hoc committees created by outgoing Board Chair- man Rich Lepping. Amended Bylaws – Te Board voted to amend

the USCA Bylaws Section 5.5 to allow for more flexibility in dealing with situations arising from member club’s non-payment of USCA dues. Te Board also voted to amend Section 9A.7 to allow the chairman to fill standing committee vacan- cies on an interim basis. Town Hall Meeting – Will be scheduled for

some time in the next two weeks (from the April meeting time). Exact day/time TBD (check www. Next Board Meeting – Teleconfer- ence, July 26, Noon CDT. Q

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