// BONUS ONLINE-ONLY COVERAGE Freytag inducted into World Curling Hall of Fame By Mike Griem

1976. His second wife, Blanche, remained an Exmoor member until 1997. Te formal induction ceremony was held in Las Vegas, Nev., on April 7,


2018, in conjunction with the World Men’s Curling Championship. Frey- tag’s daughter, Dorothy (Dotti) Freytag Beck von Peccoz Howe, and her son, Stephen Beck von Peccoz, participated in the induction ceremony on behalf of the Freytag family. Elmer –A Very Unusual Man

According to current Exmoor member Warren Peterson, “Elmer piloted

his own plane and was the center of a spy scare, when he made an emer- gency landing inside the grounds of Inland Steel. He climbed the fence and took a cab home on a stormy night in the winter of 1942. Te authorities knew only that the plane belonged to a German.” Now, here is the curling story of this fascinating person. Globalizing Curling

Freytag had a major influence in developing international curling. He

was a founding member and early leader of the International Curling Fed- eration (ICF), the predecessor to the World Curling Federation (WCF). Te ICF was founded in 1965 as a vehicle to expand curling throughout the world, from its historical curler bases of Scotland, Canada and the United States. Te WCF now has 60 member associations, spanning the globe. Freytag was instrumental in creating the ICF. A 1928 graduate of Wis-

consin and an attorney by profession, Freytag provided legal advice to the ICF organizers, draſted the original ICF constitution, and served as the United States Men’s Curling Association (USMCA) representative to the ICF for more than a decade. Te USMCA was founded in 1958, and later became the United States Curling Association (USCA). Freytag helped initiate and then expand participation in the World Men’s

Curling Championships, which began in 1959. He served on the advisory boards of both the Scotch Cup (1959-1967) and its successor, the Air Can- ada Silver Broom. Te Swedish Curling Association recognized Freytag as the first American for merit in curling. Freytag was co-captain of the first USMCA team to travel to Scotland in

1952 to compete for the Herries-Maxwell Trophy. Tis was the first major international exchange of curlers between these countries. He was Captain of a USMCA tour team to Switzerland in 1960. In 1962, he was again Cap- tain of the USMCA tour team to Scotland. Te participants on these tour teams were selected for their contributions to building curling and their curling prowess. In recognition of Freytag’s exceptional contribution to international

curling, the ICF named its highest honor the Elmer Freytag Award in 1978. In 1994, the ICF’s highest honor was renamed the World Curling Freytag Award. In 2012, it became the World Curling Hall of Fame. Each honoree was designated as either a builder or as a curler, depending upon where his primary contributions to world curling were. Forty-four individuals (six posthumously, including Freytag) have re-

ceived the highest honor in international curling, including seven Ameri- cans. Freytag was honored as a builder. He is the first American inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame since 2003.

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Dotti Freytag, Beck von Peccoz Howe, daughter of the late Elmer Freytag, and her son, Stephen Beck von Peccoz were present for a special World Curl- ing Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Te plaque was presented by Kate Caithess, president of the World Curling Federation, during the 2018 World Men’s Curling Championship in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of the World Curling Federation

Don Duguid, the brother of former Exmoor Curling Professional, Gerry

Duguid, was inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame in 2013. Strengthening American Curling

Freytag also helped strengthen organized curling in the United States.

His work as USMCA President was particularly valuable. In addition, Frey- tag led the establishment of the American Curling Foundation and Mu- seum (ACFM). At the time of his death, he was an honorary USMCA vice president and president of the ACFM. In 1955, he received the first award of merit ever presented by the North American Curling News for outstanding devotion and service to curling. Freytag also helped create the Chicago Curling Club in 1948. Te plans

for this first indoor curling facility in Illinois, and its funding, originated from curling leaders at Exmoor, Indian Hill, Skokie, and Glen View. Frey- tag was a member of the Organizing Committee. Eighteen Exmoor members, including Freytag, were Founding Members

lmer W. Freytag has been awarded the highest honor in interna- tional curling – membership in the World Curling Hall of Fame. Freytag was an Exmoor member from 1942 until his death in

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