USA Curling continues partnership with The Pin People

USA Curling has renewed its partnership with

one of the world’s best curling pin providers – Laurie Artiss Ltd. - Te Pin People. USA Curling and Laurie Artiss, a Saskatche-

wan-based company, entered into partnership in 2015, with the pin supplier joining a growing list of partners and sponsors for the National Governing Body of curling in the United States, which is based in Stevens Point, Wis. “Laurie Artiss Ltd. – Te Pin People is very

pleased to continue our partnership with USA Curling,” said Barry Taman, vice president of business & sales for Laurie Artiss. “As a busi- ness we have always been a strong supporter and promoter of the sport of curling locally, nation- ally and internationally. Our business started in a local curling club here in Canada as a curling equipment supplier, to now where you find our lapel pins and medals in curling clubs and bon- spiels worldwide. It is a pleasure to work with


Level I Instructor

Rick Patzke, his USA Curling staff and their partners assisting in promoting growing the great sport of curling across America.” As the official exclusive lapel pin supplier/li-

censee to USA Curling, member clubs can utilize a 10-percent discount off listed wholesale pric- ing plus a five percent pre-payment option on all club pins, medals, lanyards, crest, key chains or related products produced by Laurie Artiss Ltd. “Our partnership with Laurie Artiss Ltd. is a

win-win in so many ways, from the great service and support Barry and his team provide to USA Curling to the benefits extended to our member clubs,” said Rick Patzke, USA Curling’s chief executive officer. “Te Pin People are experts at what they do, which is to excel at creating and delivering unique and affordable pins and med- als on demand.” To learn more about the company, go to www.

Caitlin Hogan, Peachtree Curling Club Christie Konkol, Utah Olympic Oval CC Mikhail Kurbatov, St. Louis Curling Club Victor Lee, Broomstones Curling Club Scott McLeod, Broomstones Curling Club Marjorie O’Donnell, Albany Curling Club Karen O’Neill, Broomstones Curling Club Erin Rhode, San Francisco Bay Area CC Christina Rose, Orlando Curling Club Kyle Rose, Orlando Curling Club Randy Sabbagh, Lone Star Curling Club Stephanie Sears, Poudre Valley Curling Club Rick Sheridan, Nutmeg Curling Club Andrew Smith, Utah Olympic Oval CC Jane Sousa, South Shore Curling Club Kimberly Stokes, Fairbanks Curling Club Debbie Velchoff, Lone Star Curling Club John Vesel, Lone Star Curling Club James Wheeler, Broomstones Curling Club David Willertz, Midland Curling Club Caitlin Zuber, South Shore Curling Club

James Zuber, South Shore Curling Club Level II Instructor

Kyle Bauman, St. Paul Curling Club Bruce Clingan, Curl Troy Zac Gery, Bucks County Curling Club Addison Hollands, Bowling Green CC Jeremiah Kasten, Owatonna Curling Club

Louise Xifo, Coyotes Curling Club Level II Ice Technician

David Bohlander, Brainerd Lakes CA Level I Official

Kyle Bauman, St. Paul Curling Club Julie Boedigheimer, Brainerd Lakes CA Lisa Carosella, Philadelphia Curling Club Toni Czeczok, Brainerd Lakes CA Joseph Dehen, Brainerd Lakes CA Amy Gallagher, Duluth Curling Club Erin Krug, St. Paul Curling Club Mark Pfeifer, Brainerd Lakes CA Adam Rivera, Duluth Curling Club Terria Rohloff, Brainerd Lakes CA

George Sheppard, Coastal Carolina CC Level II Official

Team USA’s Phil Tilker (leſt) and Rich Ruohonen celebrate a great shot during the round robin of the 2018 World Men’s Championship in Las Vegas.

Photo courtesy of the World Curling Federation

Kyle Bauman, St. Paul Curling Club Lisa Carosella, Philadelphia Curling Club Jeffrey Chapman, Aksarben Curling Club Andrea Fierst, Four Seasons Curling Club Amy Gallagher, Duluth Curling Club Erin Krug, St. Paul Curling Club Adam Rivera, Detroit Curling Club George Sheppard, Coastal Carolina CC

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