JUNIOR CURLING Sign up for the D-Pool for the upcoming season

By Dave Jensen, Junior High Performance Program Director

curlers registered for the first-ever D-Pool Pro- gram. Te HPP D-Pool is targeted for individual


junior curlers ages 16-18. Te purpose is to en- hance the development of junior curling in the country by providing athletes with education and coaching resources on a year-round basis. Tis includes strength and conditioning coach- ing, mental skills training, sports nutrition, and injury prevention, along with a spring technical camp to assess progress. Te sports science edu- cation and strength and conditioning coaching will be administered online. D-Pool participants will be asked to perform

a weekly strength and conditioning routine de- signed for their level of fitness, complete various


he High Performance Program (HPP) Junior Developmental Pool program is up and running. Last May, 26 junior

mental skills and nutritional exercises monthly, and attend a spring weekend camp in the Twin Cities. Tere is no fee for the camp, but the cost of travel and accommodations will be at the ex- pense of the D-Pool athlete. Cost for Aug. 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019,

is estimated to be $100 depending on the cost of resources. Te D-Pool is open to junior curlers who

are citizens of the United States, have entered a USCA playdown in the past season (either U18 or U21), and who were born aſter June 30, 2000, and before June 30, 2002. Registration for next year’s session will be

open during the month of July on USA Curling’s Blue Sombrero registration site (linked from Questions can be directed to USCA Junior HPP Director Dave Jensen at dave. U21 Junior Nationals and Qualifier System Once again, a qualifier system for earning a berth to the Junior National Championships will

be implemented. Four berth qualifiers will be held throughout

the country for teams to earn spots in the 2019 Junior National Championships. Teams can form without regard to regionality. Last year this model resulted in a very competitive national championship. Te overall success of both the U18 and U21

championships resulted in increased partici- pation in competitive junior curling. Because younger teams have made the decision to focus only on the U18 championships, it is expected that the U21 championship field will be reduced to eight teams next year in an effort to maintain a high level of competition across the field. Te threshold for qualifier participation will also be lowered to ensure two berths will be awarded for each event where two are scheduled to be avail- able. Watch the USA Curling website at for details on qualifier locations and dates this summer. Q

Winners of the Eau Claire Newbie ‘Spiel were (l-r) Dan Salacinski, Jordan Munger, Paul Logan, and Rachel Munger.

Winners of the Evergreen Bridgetown Bonspiel were (l-r) Kathy Placek, Tomas Poon, Phil Placek, and Kevin Rutherford.

Winners of Evergreen’s Spring Wingding Five- and-Under Bonspiel were (l-r) Jimmy Sattem, Adam Seymour, Clara Mays, and Chris Casteel.

Winners of the Exmoor Continental Bonspiel were (l-r) Steve Wright, Steve Waters, David Geake, and Jeff Wright.

26 ))

Winners of the GNCC Senior Mixed Champion- ship were (l-r) Kathy Palazzoli, Gary Williams, Susan Williams, and David Palazzoli.

Winners of Racine Mixed Bonspiel were (l-r) John Geason, Carey Nelson, Jeff Nelson, and Stella Geason.

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