USWCA NEWS Busy season of successful five-and-under events By Millie Buege, USWCA

bonspiels in each of the USWCA’s five geographic areas, and women’s bonspiels in the Central and Wisconsin regions in alternate years. Eleven teams participated in East’s Five & Under


Open Challenge at Chesapeake Curling Club on Dec. 8-10. Clubs from Bucks County, Philadelphia, Plainfield, Potomac, and Chesapeake all went home with pins. Mark DeSouza led his team from Phila- delphia to victory in the first event with teammates John Moylan, Adam Bartles, and Jeff Ishibashi. Bucks County’s Ian Sheffer, Michelle Sheffer, Megan Bankard, and Stefanie Johnson were the runners- up.

Te Central Area hosted two USWCA-sponsored

Five & Under bonspiels – the Open Challenge at Chi- cago Curling Club on Feb. 10-11 and the Women’s Challenge at Bowling Green’s Black Swamp Curling Center on March 17-18, 2018. Sixteen teams braved a snowstorm to curl at Chicago, which invited all of its Five & Under teams to an Olympic opening night potluck and pick-up curling on Feb. 9. Te winner of the first event was the Rongstad rink from Eau


he United States Women’s Curling As- sociation (USWCA) partners with its member clubs to host Five & Under open

Claire with Tyler Rongstad, Zach Oliphant, Nathan Oster, and Spencer Eklund. Runners-up were the Aro Rink from Madison with Scott Moss, Matt Aro, Jacquet Blaz, and Kim Slininger. Bowling Green’s women’s Five & Under, “Groggy

Frogs,” featured 12 teams from Milwaukee, Cleve- land, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Columbus, and Fort Wayne. Athletes received a “Groggy Frog” T-shirt and a “groggy” name tag in their welcome bags. Winners of the First Event were Detroit’s Abby Bond, Sarah Romanik, Stephanie Grant, and Mar- garet Boynton. Midland’s Allison Spoelhof, Clare Joyce, Stephanie Moglia, and Dayna Colvin were the runners-up. Wisconsin’s Appleton Curling Club hosted the

Five & Under Open Challenge on Jan. 19-21, with 24 rinks participating. Te first event winners were from the Milwaukee Curling Club with Rahim Keval, Patrick Geiger, Bernie Anding, and Michael Czachor. Te first event runners-up from the Madi- son Curling Club were Nick Helt, Ryan Hood, Justin Ramm, and Anthony Frey. For the second year in a row, the Duluth Curling

Club stepped up to host the 5 & Under Open Chal- lenge in West I. Teir very popular bonspiel was held Jan. 19-21, with 32 teams participating with

additional teams placed on a waiting list. St. Paul, Frogtown, Four Seasons, Chaska, Dakota Curl Mes- abi, Eau Claire, Superior, and Duluth all sent teams. Te winning team received the USWCA Open Challenge traveling trophy. Te first event winners were from the St. Paul Curling Club – Pete Nelson, Dani Draheim, Scott Draheim, and Deb McKinley. Finishing second from the Duluth Curling Club were Daryl Fuchihara, Garrett Bunkowske, Sarah Hendricks, and Hilary Huntley. In the West II Area, the Denver Curling Club

hosted the 5 & Under Open Challenge on March 16- 18, with a St. Patrick’s Day ShamRock Spiel. Tey had 26 teams participate with eight teams from dif- ferent states. Te first event winners were from the Granite Curling Club with Stephen Grant, Aaron Tompson, Derek Ristau, and Gina Triolo. Te run- ners-up were Denver’s Brian Brown, Scot Schneider, Adam Walter, and Jon Goldman. Te USWCA is thrilled to have had such a won-

derful season thanks to the enthusiastic partici- pated of its host clubs and athletes. Te USWCA’s bonspiel committee is already busy with plans for a fun and competitive 2018-19 season. Host club and registration information will be available soon at

Winners of the Blackhawk Mixed Bonspiel were (l-r) Brooke Borowiak, Daniel Bohlin, Ali Creeger, and Ryan Kernosky.

Winners of Boise’s Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel were (l-r) Lee Banville, Brock Gnose and Brian Connelly.

Winners of the Cambridge Steak ‘Spiel were (l-r) Travis Nelson, Dean Armstrong, Jeff Reiners, and Lucas Armstrong.

Winners of the Centerville Senior Open Bonspiel were (l-r) Bryan Hosler, Lisa Hosler, Trudi Ewing and Mark Ewing.

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Winners of the Chicago Men’s International were (l-r) Ken Moore, Craig Jewer, Warren Leslie, and Gord Norton.

Winners of Badger Senior Women’s Bonspiel were (l-r) Julie Fay-Krivitz, Cyndy Moylan, Diana Gettinger, and Janet Banaski.

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