USWCA NEWS Satisfying season comes to a close By Dawn Gutro, USWCA President

ton Inn in Natick, Mass., for a weekend of committee work and camara- derie. Nancy Jennett did an amazing job as the Fall Meeting Coordinator, making all the meetings, meals, and activities run smoothly. I am grateful to my home clubs, Broomstones Ladies and Broomstones Curling Club, who volunteered their time and talents for the event. T e Coyotes Curling Club in Tempe, Ariz., hosted the 36th


Annual USWCA Senior Women’s Bonspiel Nov. 29-Dec. 3. “Desert Jewels” featured 32 teams from 28 diff erent clubs. Nutmeg’s Naida Leslie, Bobbie Stoll, Jayne Beattie, and Karen Shane won the event. T e Senior National Bonspiel also included a new feature in addition to

the traditional bonspiel. Coyotes CC also hosted the Super Senior Fun Day a day before the Senior Women’s Bonspiel got under way. T e new super senior event consisted of two games, one in the morning and one in the aſt ernoon. T irty-nine athletes, age 65 and over, participated in the new event. T e USWCA is evaluating making the super seniors a permanent event. In the meantime it will be held again in 2018 under the same format at the Centerville Curling Club in Galesville, Wis. Kelly Stephens was the on-site chair of the Senior Women’s Bonspiel and also spearheaded the Su- per Senior Fun Day. T e USWCA winter meeting took place Feb. 12-14 at the DoubleTree Ho-

tel in Durham, N.C., for three days of committee work mixed with excellent food and southern hospitality. At the annual meeting, members of the 2012 Senior (Canadian) Friend-

ship Tour drew the names of our outgoing Friendship Tour team. In No- vember 2018, 16 women and two alternates from the four regions of the country will visit a number of curling clubs in the Canadian Maritimes: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. T e full list of tour participants is on the USWCA website, Congratulations and best wishes to the newly-elected USWCA Slate of Offi cers for the 2018-19 season: President Martha Mazzarella (Bowling

he 2017-18 United States Women’s Curling Association (USW- CA) season was busy and fulfi lling. T e USWCA fall meeting convened Sept. 15-17 at the Hamp-

Green CC), First Vice President Karen Brattesani (Granite CC-Seattle), Second Vice President Lil LaRue (Green Bay CC), Treasurer Tracy Law- less (Milwaukee CC) and Secretary Alana Malik (Bowling Green CC), and Parliamentarian Wendy Berger (Albany CC). Continuing in their terms are Comptroller Lisa Johnson (Racine CC) and USWCA-USCA Liaison Jen- nifer Stannard (Nutmeg CC). In February, the Triangle Curling Club hosted the 70th annual National

Bonspiel, “Goin’ to Carolina.” One hundred and twenty-eight women curl- ers from USWCA member clubs from across the country came together for the 32-team event. Congratulations to the fi rst event winners, Krista Longnecker, Gabriele Bruce, Marinna Martini, and Francesca Delle Femine from the Cape Cod Curling Club. Much appreciation to the Bonspiel Chair, Lea Franklin, and the members of Triangle Curling Club for their hard work and wonderful hospitality. We are pleased to welcome six new member clubs to the USWCA in 2017-

18. In East, South Shore Curling Club, Bridgewater, Mass. (arena); and Pal- metto Curling Club, Taylors, S.C., (arena). In Wisconsin, Waupaca Curling Club, Waupaca, Wis.; and Wausau Curling Club, Wausau, Wis. In Central, St. Louis Curling Club, St. Louis, Mo.; and Cincinnati Curling Club, Cin- cinnati, Ohio. T e USWCA Circuit continues to grow as many curling clubs held both

new and familiar circuit events throughout the season. T is year also marked the 50th

anniversary of the USWCA All-American, celebrated by

club events throughout the nation. As I turn over the gavel to our new president, I wish Martha and her

team a wonderful year. I look forward to working together to continue the work of our amazing organization. I also give many thanks and much ap- preciation to my USWCA Secretary, Elaine Ritchie, who worked tirelessly all year. Q

USWCA 37th Senior Women’s National Bonspiel heads up river

By Leslie Cooke, USWCA

less” because of its unspoiled topography and rich natural beauty. Experience “Curl the Driſt less” at the 37th Senior Women’s Bonspiel,


EŽǀĞŵďĞƌ Ϯ8 ĞĐĞŵďĞƌ Ϯ, ϮϬϭ8 ĞŶƚĞƌǀŝůůĞ, tŝƐĐŽŶƐŝŶ

ΨϯϲϬ/ƚĞĂŵ ŶƚƌŝĞƐ ƵĞ ^ĞƉƚĞŵďĞƌ ϲ, ϮϬϭ8

,ŽƐƚ ,ŽƚĞů: ZŝǀĞƌƉŽƌƚ /ŶŶ Θ ^ƵŝƚĞƐ, tŝŶŽŶĂ, DE Ύ 22 )) ŚĂŝƌ: ^ĂƌĂ ,ĞŝŶ ŚĞŝŶƐĂƌĂΛŚŽƚŵĂŝů.ĐŽŵ

hosted by the Centerville Curling Club on Nov. 28-Dec. 2. T is event will consist of 32 teams on four sheets of ice. T e fi nal invitation and in- tent form will be sent out in August to all USWCA club representatives, liaisons, past skips and singles. Please make a note of the August date via your club communications

network and the USWCA website so you can begin organizing your team and making travel plans. Multiple team entries from the same club are encouraged. Entries may be sent in at any time. Checks will not be cashed until teams are chosen. T e team entry form and information letter will be available on the website at Q

here is a magical place in Wisconsin and surrounding states that was surrounded by glaciers but never touched by the gi- ant sheets of ice. T is incredible landscape is called the “driſt -

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