Masters champions (l-r) John Geason, Herb Rasmussen, Bob Dixon, and Bob Flemming.

Super Seniors champions (l-r) Art Ruohonen, Dale Gibbs, Neil Kay, and Jim Stute.

Seniors division winners (l-r) Jeff Wright, Russ Armstrong, Ken Brown, and Jeff Warner.

Masters, Super Seniors & Senior champions crowned

By Perry Grueber, Chairman, USSMCA 2018 Championship Bonspiel

ing Association’s 42nd T

he Wausau Curling Center and Wausau Curling Club played host to the United States Senior Men’s Curl- Annual Championships.

Sixty-four teams in three divisions – Masters (age 68+), Super Seniors (age 63+) and Seniors (age 55+) – vied for the Association’s national ti- tles. Te event, the second USSMCA Champion- ship held at the Wausau Curling Center since its opening in 2012, was highlighted by a four-game guarantee, fierce competition, high-quality play- ing conditions, and the outstanding hospitality provided by the members of the Wausau Curling Club. Te club welcomed 264 competitors, their

guests and the Central Wisconsin community to four days of competition and fellowship. Te schedule’s highlights included two catered din- ers – a Tursday pig roast barbeque and the As- sociation’s Annual Meeting and Banquet on Fri- day – both held at the Wausau Curling Center. In addition to the schedule of play and day-

long hospitality, the group enjoyed following the progress of the United States Men’s Olympic Curling Team as they persevered and won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. By Sunday evening each of the event cham-

pions were crowned. First to be named were the Masters’ winners, the John Geason rink from the Kettle Moraine Curling Club in Hartland, Wis. In the Super Seniors, the Art Ruohonen rink from the St. Paul Curling Club (Minnesota) pre- vailed, and lastly, the Jeff Wright rink from the

Exmoor Curling Club in Highland Park, Ill., was awarded the Senior Champions trophy. In 2019, the USSMCA Nationals return for the

first time in many years to the Duluth Curling Club on the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Su- perior. Te eight-sheet club, no stranger to host- ing competitive events, will welcome competitors from across the country for four days, Feb. 14-17. Te Wausau Curling Club, which will cel-

ebrate its centennial in 2020, boasts nearly 500 adult members and more than 125 interscholas- tic athletes competing for four area high schools. Here are the complete results of all three 2018

events and 14 sub-events: MASTERS EVENT

1EW–Kettle Moraine: John Geason, Herb Ras-

mussen, Bob Dixon, Bob Flemming 1ERU–Arlington: Dave Qualle , Bill Mon-

teufel, Clif Erstad, Gordon Dunn 2EW–Kettle Moraine: Gary Dowd, Jim Buege,

Jim Ellis, Gary Hawk 2ERU–Medford: Mert Vaughn, Elmer Balko,

Ken Nernberger, Dennis Mertens 3EW–Wausau: Larry Korpela, Jim DeBuauche,

Andy Anderson, Richard Waack 3ERU–Poynette: Dean Teeter, Jon Vaningan,

Mark Kretzman, Barney Lohan 4EW–Exmoor: Larry Brown, John Bechwith,

Ken Cooke, Bob Kohn 4ERU–Exmoor: Mike Griem, Art Helt, Steve


1EW–St. Paul: Art Ruohonen, Dale Gibbs,

Neil Kay, Jim Stute 1ERU–Duluth: Doug Cameron, Roger Hen-

drickson, Steve Kokotovich, Wally Henry 2EW–Centerville: Randy VanVleet, Bob

Hammond, Bob Hanson, Ken Johnson, Jon Stolp 2ERU–Coyotes: Hal McGrady, Carroll Hunt-

ress, Peter Philpott, Dave Peck 3EW–Bemidji: Jim Breyen, Narj Varriano, Bob

Aitken, Tom Welle, John Filardo 3ERU–Green Bay: Ed Derubis, Hal Maier, Phil

Vangnes, Harry Derubis 4EW–Detroit: David Nelsen, Gordon Harder,

Bill Waddington, Bob Krause, Alan Berndt 4ERU–Pardeeville: Steve Tompson, Scott

Tompson, Doug Hare, Greg Freiberg SENIORS EVENT

1EW–Exmoor: Jeff Wright, Russ Armstrong,

Jeff Warner, Ken Brown 1ERU–Coyotes: Nils Johansson, Gary McK-

night, Brent Cooke, Phil Calcutt 2EW–Alpine: Steve Esser, Scott Wild, Mike

Esser, Steve Johnson 2ERU–Wausau: Steve Sirianni, Brian Tessmer,

Pete Neitzel, Tom Wood 3EW–Madison: Ken Neidhart, Jim Neidhart,

Tim Paige, Rod Wixon 3ERU–Wauwatosa: Tom Rave, Mike Wille-

man, Carl Deutsch, Russ Klingaman 4EW–Rice Lake: Steve Swoboda, Bill Kind,

Don Palmer, Bruce Smith, Rick Sharp 4ERU–Madison: Paul Matzke, Tim Ebert, Bill

Ehlert, Raymond Villwock 5EW–Bemidji: Steve Johnson, Dave Chandler,

Terry Mattson, Pat Whiting 5ERU–Lodi: Paul Johnson, Robin Purcell, Bill

Mathias, Al Johnson 6EW–Centerville: Bob Harris, Larry Adams,

Mike Oslie, Steve Sheffer 6ERU–Kettle Moraine: Tom Godar, Keith

Berres, Brian Lawless, Jeff Seboth Good curling! Q

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