UWSP wins College


over the University of Nebraska in the final of the 2018 USA Curling National College Champion- ship in Eau Claire, Wis. Skipped by Megan Banaski (Pewaukee, Wis.),


Te team of (l-r) Evan Workin, Rachel Workin, Jordan Brown, and Christine Lammers will represent the U.S. at the upcoming World Mixed Championship.

Photo by Rich Harmer for the U.S. Curling News

North Dakota team set to rep U.S. at World Mixed Championship

By Terry L. Davis, Editor h D ot

ter defeating Washington’s Fred Maxie, 5-2,, on March 31 as the 2018 USA Curling Mixed Na- tional Championship came to a close in Lakev- ille, Minn.

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Workin (Fargo, N.D.) and his Fargo-Moor- head Curling Club teammates Rachel Workin (Fargo, N.D.), Jordan Brown (Elk River, Minn.), and Christina Lammers (Reiles Acres, N.D.) will now represent the U.S. at the 2018 World Mixed Championship Oct. 13-20 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

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North Dakota put the first point on the score- board in the third end as they were held to a single point at the Dakota Curling Club. Maxie (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and his Granite Curling Club at s Em G d ( n W h (

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h e t on t e s

y w e h ld to a g C

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teammates Em Good (Seattle), Mac Guy (Seat- Mich.), Dan Wiza (Waunakee, Wis.), and Steph- anie Senneker (Perry, Mich.) never trailed in the game as they quickly built a 3-0 lead aſter two ends of action. Aſter holding Maroldo (Roch- ester, N.Y.) and her Rochester Curling Club teammates Jeff Pulli (Rochester, N.Y.), Rebecca Andrew (West Henrietta, N.Y.), and Jason Scott (Rochester, N.Y.) to just one point in the third end, it was all Michigan thereaſter as they scored one in the fourth and stole three in the fiſth end to earn a spot on the podium. Q

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tle), and Fran Walsh (Burien, Wash.) were held to singles as well with the last-stone advantage in the fourth and sixth ends. North Dakota was able to capitalize in the fiſth for a deuce and sealed the championship title with a second two-point end in the seventh. n M

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le w h a s n t e s

Sean Murray’s Michigan rink defeated New York’s Caitlin Maroldo, 7-1, to go home with the bronze medals. Murray (St. Paul,, Minn.) and teammates Emilia Juocys (Rochester Hills,

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to go h . P

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, it w s a l Mic e in t e f

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2018 College National champions (l-r) Lorenzo Smith, Cassie Strebe, Megan Banaski, Logan Eb- ert, and Noah Behling (not pictured, Abbie Lee).

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t t e U . at t e 2 p O . 1

k R les A 0 in K lo

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h 31 a l C

orth Dakota’s Evan Workin and his teammates topped the podium with gold medals around their necks af- g W

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at s top s a

p c s F 8 USA C n W

d t e p d t

n a d h m w

r n ie

e to a clo e in L o g M d N Round r d robin s n standings: Michigan (Sean Murray)

North Dakota (Evan Workin) New York (Caitlin Maroldo) Washington (Fred Maxie)

Pennsylvania (Emily Anderson) Minnesota (Kevin Johnson) Colorado (Darrick Kizylyk) Wisconsin (Ryan Spielman) Arizona (Bob Leclair) Illinois (Michael Sherry)

Semifinals: Washington 7, Michigan 5 North Dakota 5, New York 2 Bronze: Michigan 7, New York 1 Gold:North Dakota 5, Washington 2

7-2 7-2 6-3 5-4 4-5 4-5 4-5 3-6 3-6 2-7

the Pointers defeated Logan Gunderson’s Lin- coln team in six ends to reach the top of the po- dium for the second time in three seasons aſter winning the title in 2015. Sixteen teams from colleges and universities

across the United States were competing for the national title at the Eau Claire Curling Club. Banaski and her team of Noah Behling

(Marshfield, Wis.), Logan Ebert (Weston, Wis.), Abbie Lee (Stevens Point, Wis.), Lorenzo Smith (Green Bay, Wis.), and Cassie Strebe finished the tournament with a 6-1 record. Earlier in the day, the Pointers defeated Yale University, 8-7, in the semifinal to reach the gold-medal game. Nebras- ka held off past champion University of Pennsyl- vania, 7-4, in the other semifinal matchup. Te Pointers stole the opening end to take a

1-0 lead but Gunderson and teammates Harrison Hruby (Bismarck, N.D.), Adam Schlichtmann (Fargo, N.D.), Austin Rose (Broken Bow, Neb.), and Carrie Rosenbaum (Ashland, Neb.) took the lead with a deuce in the second end. UWSP countered with a deuce and then stole the next two ends to take an 8-2 lead that Nebraska could not overcome as they accepted the silver medals. Yale would bounce back to defeat Pennsylva- nia, 7-1, to earn the bronze medal. Q

he University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point won its second national curling title with an 8-3 victory on March 11

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