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// BONUS ONLINE-ONLY COVERAGE First leg of new Curling World Cup in the books

Head to Omaha in December for the second stop

Suzhou, China. Teams skipped by 2018 Olympian Nina Roth


(McFarland, Wis.), 2018 national champion Rich Ruohonen (Brooklyn Park, Minn.) and the mixed doubles duo of Sarah Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.) and Korey Dropkin (Duluth, Minn.), who won the 2018 U.S. mixed doubles title, were com- peting for prize money and a chance to qualify for the final leg of the four-city event. Te World Curling Federation organizes the

event, which features four tournaments. In ad- dition to prize money, the winners also earn a coveted berth to the Curling World Cup Grand Final in May in Beijing where a bigger prize pool will be available. Eight teams compete in each discipline per

tournament. Te games are eight ends in length and no extra ends are played. If a game is tied aſter eight ends a draw-to-the-button takes place. Te Olympic Channel, in partnership with

NBC and World Curling TV, aired 14 games live. Here is a look at the U.S. teams competing in fu- ture events of the Curling World Cup: • World Cup, Leg 2, Dec. 5-9, Omaha, Neb: John Shuster and Jamie Sinclair rinks; mixed doubles team of Olympians Tabitha Peterson and Joe Polo

• World Cup, Leg 3, Jan. 30-Feb. 3, Jonkop- ing, Sweden: Mark Fenner and Cory Christensen rinks; mixed doubles duo of Olympians Becca Hamilton and Matt Hamilton (both of McFarland, Wis.)

• World Cup, Grand Final, May 8-12, Beijing, China: Competing teams deter- mined on results of past three Cups

To learn more about the new Curling World

Cup, go to Tickets for the second leg in Omaha are cur- rently on sale. Find out more here, https://www. tember/05/Tickets-to-World-Cup-of-Curling- in-Omaha-now-on-sale. Q

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Minnesota Wild looking for Minnesota curlers to celebrate with on Feb. 17

as many Minnesota curlers as possible join them on this day to celebrate Minnesota’s favorite sports played on ice! Speaking of ICE, they start- ed a new tradition last season and will be doing water collection from any ice surface or body of water that has a special meaning to you … bring it to any Wild game and they will filter it and use it to flood the rink from the Zamboni tank where it’s collected. THIS IS OUR ICE, so let’s make it a night to remember. Below is a link to an exclusive ticket offer for


Minnesota curlers. A lucky winner from this group will be featured during the pre-game THIS

n Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. the Minnesota Wild drop the puck against the St. Louis Blues. Tey are hoping to have

USA’s Sarah Anderson and Korey Dropkin were off to a fast start aſter two days of the first leg of the Curling World Cup in China.

Photo by World Curling Federation

t press time for this magazine the U.S. teams were doing very well at the first leg of the new Curling World Cup in

IS OUR ICE ceremony: To order tickets, go to https://oss.ticketmas- c77fd8e2ccbab6369c3b892017e73edab636fd21 and use promo code: CURLING. Q

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