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TCO partners with USA Curling

runs through the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. In this role, TCO will provide strength training and conditioning, pre-


ventative care, rehabilitation and more for the USA Curling teams — of which many of its athletes are based in Minnesota and neighboring states. “Tis partnership between TCO and USA Curling makes great sense on

so many levels, especially given both of our commitments to the local com- munities and regions we work, play and compete in,” said Chris Bailey, Di- rector of Sports Medicine and Terapy at TCO. “We are looking forward to enhancing what the team is receiving in the areas of orthopedics and sports performance to help these athletes perform at their highest level.” TCO will lead conditioning of the USA Curling athletes at its new state-

of-the-art sports performance and training center, Training HAUS, which is adjacent to the Minnesota Vikings’ Twin Cities Orthopedics Perfor- mance Center and TCO Stadium in Eagan. Training HAUS features the latest equipment and technology to service sports performance and train- ing as well as injury prevention, treatment and recovery, along with experts in strength and conditioning, nutrition and biomechanics, chiropractic, sports acupuncture and sports psychology. “We are ecstatic to have begun this multi-year partnership with Twin

Cities Orthopedics,” said Rick Patzke, Chief Executive Officer of USA Curl- ing. “Tis raises the level of professionalism for elite performance support and services available in the USA Curling High Performance Program ex- ponentially. Te TCO physician services, athletic trainer support, strength and conditioning programming, and Training HAUS access are a major boon to all of the athletes in the program.” TCO’s Certified Athletic Trainer for USA Curling/TCO will be Mike

Gulenchyn, a Blaine, Minn., native who brings 25 years of experience work- ing in sports medicine as well as a strength and conditioning coach. “Tis is an awesome opportunity and I feel blessed to be working with

the USA Curling program within the Training HAUS, a state-of-the-art facility,” said Gulenchyn. “I look forward to collaborating with the Train- ing HAUS staff and offering these athletes access to some of the best minds in the business.” In addition to the USA Curling partnership, TCO serves as the official

sports medicine provider of the Minnesota Vikings, St. Paul Saints and many Twin Cities colleges and universities, including the University of St. Tomas, as well as several high schools. View all of TCO sports partner- ships online: Q

USA Curling (( 35

win Cities Orthopedics (TCO), one the nation’s largest orthope- dic groups, recently announced a partnership with USA Curling to serve as its official sports medicine provider. Te partnership

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