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CAN-AM TOUR Can-Am Tour to offer lifelong memories

Apply today to be a part of this historic tour

similar to the United States Women’s Curling Association Canada Friendship Tour hosted by the USWCA, and the long standing men’s and women’s Scot Tours. T e Scot Tour was begun in 1952 and has been played every fi ve years since, alternating between the USA and Scotland. To a man, Scot Tour participants from both sides of the Atlantic rave about their experiences – friendships made and renewed, keen competi- tion on fi ne curling ice, superb food, single malts, hops, and, of course, unexcelled camaraderie. We hope, with your participation, to create a


similar tradition with the Can-Am Cup Tour. A group of 20 American curlers will travel to four Canadian Maritime Provinces – Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Ed-

he United States Curling Association and Curling Canada are joining forces to establish a men’s curling exchange

ward Island – and curl local teams from 20 curl- ing clubs. In between matches will be banquets, sightseeing, and general revelry. T e trip will last 17 days in the middle of No-

vember, and like the Scot Tour, the Can-Am Cup Tour will represent the best in American curling – fi ne curlers, gentlemen, comrades, and ambas- sadors. Team selection will be made in the fall of 2018

by members of the organizing committee. Select- ees will be evaluated on the following criteria: • Demonstrated exceptional service to curling such as by serving as local, state/ regional, and national offi cers/directors of curling organizations.

• Performed signifi cant committee, bon- spiel, and instructional duties and re- sponsibilities.

• Special talents that will contribute to the team and the experience, such as enter- tainment skills, ambassadorial capabili- ties, organizational, and creative exper- tise.

• Competitive curling skills and a willing- ness/fl exibility to play a team role.

• Enthusiasm, energy, mental toughness, congeniality, fl exibility, and resourceful- ness.

• Physical and emotional capability to par- ticipate in a program that involves a very demanding curling, travel and, social schedule over 17 days in constant close proximity with 19 other talented people. If you fi t the bill described above you can fi nd

a Can-Am Cup Tour Nomination Form and ad- ditional information at the Can-Am Cup website - – or contact any of the organizing committee members: Steve McKee, tour captain (; Matt Gam- boa, vice captain (; Ferd Schlapper, treasurer (ferdinand.schlap-; or Steven O’Connor, secretary ( T e deadline for submission of nomination forms is Oct. 31, 2018. Q



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