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EVENTS Tune into the Extra Extra End Curling Podcast By Joe Calabrese

a free subscription to the Extra Extra End Curling Podcast, hosted by Price Atkinson. T e show is put together by the 12th End Sports Network and is in it’s sec-


ond season. T e podcast bring you closer to the athletes and game changers than ever before. T e long-format interviews get the new and interesting stories that shaped the lives of the athletes and coaches, so when you see them on television or webcast, you will feel like you know them just a bit

hether you are new to curling, riding the wave of Team Shus- ter’s gold, or are a wiley veteran who has been taking the ice for years, you can enhance your enjoyment of the game with

better. With a stable of co-hosts, Price tackles the issues that are changing the

game with athletes, media personalities, manufacturers, and local curling legends. Price goes on location to the biggest events of the year and is excit- ed for the new directions season two will bring. “Aſt er profi ling the players, faces and personalities leading up to the Olympics last season, I'm excited to continue with another season of the podcast including even more voices from around USA Curling as well as spotlighting individual clubs around the country,” Price said. To subscribe, search “T e Extra Extra End Curling Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or anywhere you fi nd your podcasts. Q

rocket exhaust A column by Richard Maskel

Top 10 Additional “World Cup Soccer” Ways to Enliven the World Curling Championships

10] Spiff up the attire of the team support staff by dressing all

of the head coaches in waistcoats à la England’s manager Gareth Southgate. 9] Duly recognize the player with the most total “hogged rocks”

over the course of the tournament by honoring them with the pres- tigious “Golden Boot... T at Stone” Award. 8] Encourage teammates to surreptitiously swap shirts during

T e Evan Workin rink is set to compete in the 2018 World Mixed Champion- ship Oct. 13-20 in Kelowna, British Columbia. Follow along at and watch for press releases at Photo by Rich Harmer for USA Curling


LEVEL I INSTRUCTOR Racie Curling Club, Racine, Wis., Oct. 28

Dakota Curling Club, Lakeville, Minn., Nov. 3

LEVEL II INSTRUCTOR Albany Curling Club, Albany, N.Y., Oct. 12 Dakota Curling Club, Lakeville, Minn., Nov. 4 Nashua Country Club, Nashua, N.H., Nov. 17

ARENA ICE TECH COURSE Curling Club of the Berkshires, Pittsfi eld, Mass., Oct. 12

LEVEL I/II OFFICIAL Granite Curling Club, Seattle, Wash., Feb. 2-3

Broomstones, Wayland, Mass., Feb. 9-10 22 ))

practice sessions in order to confuse the opposing coaches and ren- der their scouting reports useless. 7] Appoint Landon Donovan as offi cial TV spokesperson to in-

struct national viewers on which team to cheer for when their own country fails to qualify. 6] Release a sequel to the fi lm Bend It Like Beckham entitled

Guard It Like Gushue. 5] Adopt France’s successful “anti-football” style of lethargic and

defensive play by embracing “anti-curling” tactics of throwing all takeouts. 4] Inform the international media that players shooting in the

second position will now be referred to as “strikers.” 3] Pay football legend Diego Maradona £10,000 per day to sit

in the stands and symbolically salute teams that have successfully scored a deuce by indulging in his favorite gesture of two upraised middle fi ngers. 2] Hire a bunch of joyous Mexican fans to spill out onto the

streets and deliriously celebrate every time the South Korean team records a shocking upset victory. 1] Increase the size of the fi eld from 13 teams to a full 32 rinks,

and just when everyone gets used to that idea, expand it again to 48 teams.

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