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DONATIONS Join the Granite Society and help support curling By Jennifer Stannard, Granite Society

tivities while in Chaska, Minn., in August. Te members had reserved seating behind the


glass allowing close and up front cheering for the U.S. teams! In addition, members shared a pre-game supper with the John Shuster team and USA Coaches Phill Drobnik and Pete Fenson be- fore the team headed out onto the ice. During the meal the team was presented with the first issue of commemorative coins reflecting their Olym- pic gold medal recognition. Andrew Stopera’s junior men’s team stopped by with Coach Dave Jensen and spoke with the members, appreciat- ing the support provided by USA Curling and learning about Te Granite Society from those present. Later, members toured the World Curling

Federation broadcast truck for a behind-the- scenes look at the ongoing taping. Tis was the initial event made available to Te Granite So- ciety. An additional event is planned at the 2018

USCA Members’ Assembly in Albany, N.Y. Sign up now and join us! Te Granite Society was es- tablished to recognize financial support of the USA Curling mission through loyalty and lead- ership giſts of $1,000 per year and more. You can inspire continued development of the sport from youth to senior levels by becoming a member.


Risdal, Tim Risolo, Kevin Robitaille, Raymond Rohde, Emily Rohrbacher, Cecelia Roob, Edward Rose, Barbara Roth, Tony Rudnick, Roger Russell, David Russell, Landon Ruth, Eric Sah, Byron Sah, Byron D. Sammis, Jessica Sandness, Linda Schaeper, Carl Schally, Steve

Schatzman, Greg Scheiner, Matthew Schiestel, Jon Schleifer, Jon Schmidt, Daniel Schmit, Karl Scott, Chris Senneker, Stephanie Shaner, Aubrey Shapiro, Jeff Sherrill, Sidney Shuster, Jackie Sidney, Lawrence & Kerstin Silver, Sean Sims, Rachael Smith, Jacqueline Solaru, Adebanjo Solin, Tim

Sousa, Jane Spencer, Matt Spragg, Christopher Stagno, Paul Stayer, Kevin Steinhauser, Colleen Stevenson, Carol Stiltjes, Matt Stratton, Andy Sumter, Angela Ternyila, Patrick Tompson, Jane Tompson, steve Todd, Bobbie Tomlinson, Cathie Traska, Kelly Umali, Donna Vermeulen, Maryann

Vietanen, Tyler Wagner, Kurt Walko, Quinn Wall, Jeff Wall, Shawn Walton, Steven Welford, Stephen White, Geoffrey White, Stephen Willertz, Sam Wilson, James Wirtanen, JoDee Wise, Megan Wolff, Carolyn Wright, Rachel Wright, Rachel Xifo, Louise Yob, Michael

Young, jennifer Zuber, Caitlin


Bernauer, John A. Brown, Larry & Ann Hendershot, Shelley Johnson, Cyndee Lepping, Richard MacLean, Gordon Potter, Doug Rich, Leland Schmidt, Courtney C. Stannard, Jennifer A. Stevinson, Scott Swandby, Mark Tolvstad, Mark Wellen, Nick

USA Curling (( 21

ranite Society members attending the filming of “Curling Night in America” were treated to special ac-

Granite Society members got to spend time with members of the 2018 Olympic men's curling team during the filming of “Curling Night in America” in August at the Chaska Curling Center. Te team, including Matt Hamilton (right) was presented with commemorative coins during the dinner. Photos by Rich Harmer, USA Curling

Our thanks to all who support USA Curling!

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