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with the U.S. Curling Association. It is good to enjoy one’s work during a career in which curling was healthy and growing, and aſter I retired, to watch U.S. curlers’ continued success and growth on and off the ice. “Election to the USCA Hall of Fame is a great honor. I am very grateful

for the talented, effective people I worked with over the years, including staff, athletes and volunteers. Tank you all,” Garber said. Russ Lemcke

Lemcke, who started curling at age 6 in Saskatchewan, has been a driv-

ing force in growing the sport of curling on the East Coast, most recently in the development of arena-based curling clubs. His efforts have led to the creation of more than 13 current and future clubs. Lemcke built a traveling curling kit of 32 stones, brooms and other equipment to take to prospective arena clubs in hopes of sparking interest during the visits. His efforts have led to clubs popping up along the coast from Rhode Island to Maine and stops in be- tween. His commitment to the growth of the sport is one of the key reasons why it continues to grow. His active role with the Northeast Ice Skating Manag- ers Association has led to additional op- portunities to share the love of curling to new audiences. Lemcke has been a leader not just in the Grand National Curling Club

of America but the United States Curling Association (USCA) as a member of several committees throughout the years. He was honored in 2011 with the Collie Campbell Award for leadership in growing the sport – an annual award presented by the GNCC region and Curling Ontario to a person who exemplifies commitment to the sport. He also was a member of the 2012 Scotland Tour and is the founding member of the USCA’s Granite Society. “I’m quite honored. I feel like I’m humbled because I never thought I had

done enough to earn this. I’m humbled and honored to be a part of this il- lustrious group who have done so much either as a builder or a curler – or both. It is very meaningful to me,” Lemcke said. Lemcke’s professional work managing companies in many parts of the

world helped him create valuable relationships, many of which have led to new curling club locations. In his later years Lemcke worked on retainer with a private equity firm to spot opportunities and invest in the companies – another skill that carried over into his curling volunteer work. “When a person’s life goes on, people want to find a way to give things

back and make life better than the way they found it. Tat’s what motivates me – the desire in some small way to make this a kinder, gentler nation. If my curling work will offer something good for this country, I will feel ac- complished. My whole business life has been spent growing things. I have had the chance – with a lot of other people – to grow the sport and touch a bunch of lives. To be recognized for doing that is a very moving experience. I would like my induction into the Hall of Fame to be used as encourage- ment for others who are working so hard to grow the sport,” Lemcke said. Te United States Curling Association Hall of Fame honors those who

have contributed to the sport of curling in three categories: as a builder, as a curler or a builder/curler. Te Hall of Fame is housed at the USCA national office in Stevens Point, Wis. Nominations are accepted throughout the cal- endar year with an annual submission deadline of June 1. Guidelines and more information can be found at inside-usa-curling/hall-of-fame.Q


United States Curling Association Hall of Fame

2018 Andy Anderson (builder) 2018 David Garber (builder) 2018 Russ Lemcke (builder) 2017 Te 1974 World Champions (curlers) [Bud Somerville, Bob Nichols, Bill Strum, Tom Locken]

2017 Te 1978 World Champions (curlers) [Bob Nichols, Bill Strum, Tom Locken, Bob Christman]

2016 Lori Mountford (curler) 2013 Jerome Larson (builder) 2012 Jon Mielke (builder) 2010 Bob Fenson (builder) 2009 Paul Pustovar (curler) 2009 Kay Sugahara (builder) 2007 Mark Haluptzok (curler) 2006 Lisa Schoeneberg (curler) 2005 Scott Baird (curler) 2003 Elgie Noble (curler/builder) 2002 Robert Hardy (builder) 2002 John Williamson (builder) 2001 George Godfrey (curler) 2001 Nancy Richard (curler) 2000 Glenn Gilleshammer (curler) 1999 Tom Satrom (builder) 1998 Frank Befera (curler) 1998 Steve Brown (curler) 1997 Harold Lauber (curler) 1997 Ken Sherwood (curler/builder) 1996 Bernie Roth (builder) 1996 Ernest Slyziuk (curler) 1995 Bob Christman (curler) 1995 Jim Stephens (builder) 1994 Dr. Donald Barcome (builder) 1994 Tom Locken (curler) 1994 Te 1965 World Champions (curlers) [Bud Somerville, Bill Strum, Al Gagne, Tom Wright]

1994 Te 1976 World Champions (curlers) [Bruce Roberts, Joe Roberts, Gary Kleffman, Jerry Scott]

1993 Ann Brown (builder) 1992 Orvil Gilleshammer (curler) 1991 J. Nelson Brown (builder) 1991 Norman Rickards (builder) 1991 Mary Van Ess (builder) 1990 Bob Nichols (curler) 1990 Mike Slyziuk (curler) 1989 Art Cobb (builder) 1989 Harvey Marshall 1989 Bill Strum (curler) 1988 Ted Childs (builder) 1988 Glenn Harris (builder) 1988 Hughston McBain (builder) 1988 Don McKay (builder) 1988 Bruce Roberts (curler) 1984 Bud Somerville (curler)

USA Curling (( 15

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