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By Martha Mazzarella, USWCA President

bring more growth for our organi- zation and its members. Last year’s Olympic coverage and the success of the U.S. players resulted in a surge in interest in curling across the country and an increase in our sport’s USWCA membership to more than 4,000 in 79 clubs across the country. We look forward to sustaining this excitement

USWCA hard at work serving its members T

he 71st year of the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA) will

Martha Mazzarella

Attention curlers with five years of experience or less

graphical areas: East, Central, Wisconsin, West I, and West II. Take advan- tage of the opportunity to curl at other clubs across the country with teams with the same level of expertise and enjoy that bonspiel experience enjoyed by curlers everywhere. You can get more information from your club’s US- WCA rep or from the USWCA website, Click on the 5 & Under Bonspiel site to get Eligibility/Entry forms, host club descriptions and flyers, as well as pictures of past winning teams. Make your curling season complete – check the calendar on the next page and sign up now! Q


ttention new curlers! Begin this curling season by signing up for one or more USWCA-sponsored Five & Under Open or Wom- en’s Bonspiels hosted by curling clubs in all five USWCA geo-

throughout the year and expect a great deal of interest in this season’s events. In November, 16 women will travel to the Canadian Maritime provinces

to curl, tour and make friends on the USWCA’s Senior Friendship Tour. Clubs are scheduling their All-American bonspiels for the season. Te US- WCA is hard at work with its member clubs planning junior bonspiels, as well as Five and Under events in all USWCA areas. Te National, Senior Na- tional, and Super Senior Fun Day planning committees are all in high gear. Membership in the USWCA conveys eligibility for these exciting events, but more meaningfully, it creates opportunities for lasting friendships. Good curling to all! Q

Centerville ready for 2018 USWCA Senior National, Super Senior Bonspiels

By Sara Hein, USWCA

exists where glaciers did not, which resulted in the beautiful landscape of valleys and bluffs known as the Driſtless Region (driſt is another name for glacial till). Extending along the Mississippi from central Minnesota and Wisconsin down through eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois, the Driſt- less Region features not only its sculpted topography, but also incredible diversity. Te peaceful scenery can be enjoyed in many different ways, in- cluding by bike on the trails, enjoying a cup of coffee at a local craſt shop, or fishing for brook trout in the cool waters. Centerville is a vibrant, unincorporated town in the region and curling


has long been a rich local tradition that dates back to 1947, when the curling club was established. Women began playing in 1953. Te current facility was built in 1996 on land donated by a curling family. Te Centerville Curling Club has hosted many bonspiels and playdowns,

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including Junior Nationals in 2004 and USCA Senior Men’s Nationals in 2017. As host to the 2018 USWCA Senior Women’s National Bonspiel, the Centerville Curling Club is excited to welcome teams from all regions of the country and to share the richness of the area. Lady bonspielers will have the chance to sample local fare during the welcoming kit party the first night. On Tursday night, curlers will experience Eckers’ Apple Orchard – home to regional apple cultivars and more than a dozen craſt beers and ciders – or Elmaro Winery, home to award-winning wines, including tast- ings and tours. (Eckers’ and Elmaro were both started by curling families.) Friday night’s banquet will highlight entertainment by a local, yet nation- ally-recognized, high school music group. Curling will take place Tursday through Sunday, culminating in the finals on Sunday aſternoon. Whether traveling through or participating in the bonspiel, Centerville is worth vis- iting in late November. Q

url the Driſtless is the theme of the 2018 USWCA Senior Wom- en’s National Bonspiel taking place Nov. 28-Dec. 2 in Center- ville, Wis. Located next to the Mississippi River, Centerville

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