By Rich Lepping, USCA Board of Directors Chairman,

are we just really excited about what lies ahead?? I’m sure it’s the latter – the 2018 Olympic Win-


ter Games in PyeongChang South Korea. Every four years, curling, along with 12 other sports compete for the gold. We showcase our competi- tive excellence and give those watching at home, the phrases we have all come to know and love. "Why are they sweeping?" "How do they score?" "How do they make it turn?" "I can do that!" And the best one…"I’m going to be in the next Olym- pics!!" Whatever people say, the world will be watch-

ing. We will have our best men’s, women’s and mixed doubles teams in top form. All their hard work, dedication and perseverance will be on display for two weeks. And our program and

don’t know about you, but did this sum- mer fly by because of the crazy weather, because our lives are busier than ever, or

commitment to the athletes will make all of us proud. It seems the ice is in earlier, the learn to curls

are filling up and Olympic fever is in the air. Now is the time! Te time to build on the excite- ment and energy that helps support and grow our sport – the fastest growing sport in the country. New clubs are growing all over the United States. I had a goal to see curling in every state by 2020, and we are on our way to achieve that. In addition to all the news surrounding the

Olympics, I’m excited to announce our Members’ Assembly has reached an all-time high. Over 160 people registered for this year’s program. What a great start to the season. Kim Nawyn, Director of Growth and Development, has put together another fantastic program. Workshops, semi- nars and clinics will highlight this year’s event. Tanks to the help and support of the St. Paul Curling Club, I’m sure those attending will come away with a new appreciation for what the USCA is doing to help our clubs grow and deliver re-

sults. Your board, staff, coaches, and athletes are all in this to win. Tis is the year and now is the time! I want to thank all the club presidents, club

leadership teams, region and state directors and most importantly, you the curler. Your commit- ment and support over the last two years has been incredible. Membership is up, sponsorships are up, new clubs are growing at a double-digit pace, and we are competing at the highest level. Our relationships with the USOC, WCF, USW- CA, USSMCA and regions, are strong and posi- tive. WE seem to be pecking at the right time! As I said earlier, we’re all in this together. Tank you! Have a great curling season, stay focused and let’s all go for the GOLD. Good curling! Q

Order your 2018 Olympic pin today!

Utica’s Karen Barnes submits winning pin design

mitted. It is with great pleasure that we announce to you the winning design, submitted by Karen Barnes of the Utica Curling Club, N.Y. “We received so many high quality designs

U Barnes as:

that it made this year’s selection process quite challenging,” said Christy Hering, USA Curling’s Development Associate. Te symbolism of the design is described by

SA Curling’s 2018 Olympic pin de- sign contest took place this summer with many wonderful designs sub-

“At the center of the national emblem of the

Republic of South Korea there is a symbol called a ‘taeguk’ or what I refer to as a ying-yang sym- bol without the two dots. Te taeguk is also pres- ent on the South Korea national flag. I used the shapes within the taeguk as the layout for the center of my pin design. I modified the top shape to represent the ‘house’ in curling and the lower shape is intended to look like a moving, turning swoosh with a curling stone at the round end. In the national emblem, the taeguk is surrounded by five stylized petals of a flower. In my design there is a round border with 20 stylized petals. Te basic overall shape of my pin design also mimics the larger graphic used in the 2018 Py- eongChang Olympic logo. I thought it gave the pin a more interesting shape and subtly refers to part of the logo that will be used for the 2018 Winter Olympics.” To order a pin, go to https://usacurling.wufoo.

com/forms/2018-us-olympic-team-curling- pin/. You can also print the form and pay with a check sent to 5525 Clem’s Way, Stevens Point, WI 54482. Q

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