BONSPIELS // BROOMSTACKING IN THE USA Glitter Bombspiel is nation’s fi rst LGBTQ bonspiel By Bobbie R. Todd, U.S. Curling News columnist

questioning) (“LGBTQ”) curlers and their friends and allies. T e idea for the Glitter Bombspiel came to Courtney Shaw aſt er speaking with some friends one day aſt er a game during the 2016-17 curling season. Shaw was broomstacking with some friends who had mentioned their previous par- ticipation in a couple of Canadian LGBTQ bonspiel events, and they passed around the idea of doing something like that at Potomac Curling Club. Shaw, current vice president (then secretary) of Potomac Curling Club, took the idea to the rest of the board and proposed it as a way to move forward with some of the club’s bonspiel plans. According to Shaw, “T e rest of the board, they loved the idea so much that they actually wanted to go ahead with it this season.” Needless to say, she was “thrilled that the rest of the board was so receptive to the idea and supportive of having an event like this for the club.” So far, the response from the local community and those outside the


Washington, D.C., area to “the most fabulous event of the season” has been great. At press time, participants for the Glitter Bombspiel include curlers traveling from as far as Orlando, Florida and Vancouver, BC, Canada. T e event has also attracted Brit O’Neill, one half of the fi rst openly gay couple to compete together at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, as well as U.S. 2003 World Champion and Olympian Debbie McCormick. Additionally, Erin Flowers, Director of Public Relations of Goldline Curling has pledged support for the event as well as a number of the LGBTQ organizations local to the D.C. area. While the Glitter Bombspiel is geared toward supporting LGBTQ curl-

ers, it is not exclusively for that group alone; friends and allies of the LG- BTQ community are welcome and encouraged to participate. Because this event is geared toward engaging in the spirit of curling, the Potomac Curl- ing Club welcomes participation from curlers who would like to show their support for the LGBTQ community. Shaw is proud of the curling commu- nity’s response to the bonspiel. “I feel very fortunate that even in, you know, somewhat polarizing times, that our group of curlers [Potomac Curling Club] has come together to support a group of [LGBTQ] curlers that are also a part of the [curling] community.” To help such progress continue to occur, USA Curling recently released

a transgender policy, stating its commitment “to preventing discrimination against any of its members, including discrimination based on gender iden- tity.” USA Curling “also recommends that curling clubs support transgen- der curlers in club events” and provides suggested guidelines for clubs to consider with regard to their transgender curlers. T e transgender policy can be found on USA Curling’s website at: dia/USA_Curling/Documents/Policies/USCA-Transgender-Policy-21017. docx Although the Glitter Bombspiel is the fi rst bonspiel in the U.S. for the

LGBTQ community and their allies, people from other clubs have reached out to Shaw about possibly creating other events for LGTBQ curlers and their friends in other parts of the country. Shaw thinks it would be neat to

n the weekend of Oct. 6-8, the Potomac Curling Club in Laurel, Md., will host the Glitter Bombspiel, the country’s fi rst bonspiel specifi cally for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or

eventually see an LGBTQ Bonspiel circuit similar to the one that currently exists in Canada. For more information on that, individuals can visit the LGBT Curling in Canada website (at T e website pro- vides a list of LGBT curling clubs/leagues in Canada and provides infor- mation about LGBT bonspiels across Canada as well as the Canadian Gay Curling Championship (CGCC). In conclusion, the Potomac Curling Club is excited to host the fi rst LG-

BTQ bonspiel in October. Curlers who wish to support the event should visit the Potomac Curling Club’s website ( for more infor- mation about the Glitter Bonspiel as well as review the updated transgen- der curling policy from USA Curling. With events such as this, curlers can come together in support of one another and enjoy good curling! Q Author’s note: T e Potomac Curling Club would like for those planning on

attending to know that, “Although glitter is our theme, it can be detrimental to the playing conditions. Please, no actual glitter at the event.”

rocket exhaust A column by Richard Maskel Top 10 Linda Richman “Coff ee Talk” Curling Topics To Discuss

Amongst Yourselves (You know, for when she is all verklempt – no big whoop) 10] T e Free Guard Zone is neither free nor guarded. Discuss. 9] “Chap and Lie” is not about a cracked or sore patch of skin and

it is not about the conveyance of untruths. Discuss. 8] T e LSD is neither a hallucinogenic substance nor the last

stone to be drawn. Discuss. 7] A biter stick does not bite and it does not stick. Discuss. 6] A round robin format is not circular and it does not have any-

thing to do with a large New World thrush commonly referred to as a robin. Discuss. 5] An “Accordion in Nature” competition does not involve any

musical instruments and does not involve nature. Discuss. 4] A silent takeout is not silent and it does not take out any

stones. Discuss. 3] Don Duguid is spelled neither “Dawn” nor “Do Good.” Dis-

cuss. 2] T e Royal Caledonian Curling Club is neither royal nor Cale-

donian nor a club. Discuss. 1] T e Wrench can throw the Hammer but the Hammer cannot throw the Wrench. Discuss.

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