SPONSOR NEWS By Terry L. Davis, Editor,

Jet Ice is providing fi nancial support as well as expertise at USA Curling ice technician courses, plus ice paint, in-ice logos, and wa- ter treatment. Jet Ice will be a presenting sponsor of USA Curling’s icemaking courses and play a key role in nation- al championship events. “Jet Ice has been a great

Jet Ice renews sponsorship with USA Curling J

et Ice, an innovative icemaking supplier, has renewed its sponsorship with USA Curling. As the preferred supplier to USA Curling of ice related products,

supporter of the growth of curling in the United States from the club to championship levels, and it is sincerely appreciated,” said Rick Patzke, chief executive offi cer of USA Curling. “T e Jet Ice team understands that our ice technicians need the best products and equipment available to make world-class curling ice to enable the competitors to perform to the best of their abilities. We are re- ally looking forward to having the Jet Ice reverse osmosis water treatment system with us at championship events this season as one more tool in the world-class ice kit.” Jet Ice off ers a complete range of products and services for the ice making

industry, including ice paints, ice painting services, custom in-ice logos, ap- plication packages, water treatment systems, and training seminars. “We are thrilled to extend and expand our working relationship with

USA Curling,” said Dave Loverock, vice president of technical and sales at Jet Ice. “T is agreement will carry our relationship through an Olympic cycle, which will help grow the sport throughout the country.” Jet Ice also is the preferred rink equipment supplier for the National

Hockey League; offi cial supplier to Hockey Canada; offi cial business part- ner of Curling Canada; and an offi cial supplier to the World Curling Fed- eration. To learn more about the company, go to Q

Thorne Research partners with USA Curling

the sport through fi nancial contributions for every product sold. T orne, the newest USA Curling sponsor, is also providing extensive


support to all athletes in USA Curling’s Olympic and Paralympic programs. T orne is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of all people, from elite athletes to anyone striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Go to

he nutritional supplements produced by T orne Research are now available to all USA Curling members and followers through an exclusive on-line portal that will also deliver benefi ts back to

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