INSIDE USA CURLING New staff join USCA’s national office By Terry L. Davis, Editor

ler and Heather Houck (Stevens Point, Wis.) as bookkeeper/office manager at its national office in Stevens Point, Wis. A member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic luge team,

T an

Rossi served as executive director and chief exec- utive officer for USA Luge (1985-2013) and comes to USA Curling with


mense amount of knowledge working for an Olympic na- tional govern- ing body. As controller, Ros- si’s job duties include man- aging account- ing, budgeting, grant compli- anc e/repor t- ing, audits and some human resources func- tions. He is also responsible for identifying and managing the implement a- tion of proce- dural changes designed to im- prove internal controls,


he United States Curling Association is proud to announce the hiring of Ron Rossi (Lake Placid, N.Y.) as control-

we continually strive to make USA Curling the best that it can be,” said Rick Patzke, USA Curl- ing’s chief executive officer. “Personnel changes are always challenging, especially in organiza- tions like ours with a small staff. Tom and Sim- one will be greatly missed, and we wish them all the best as they start the next chapters of their lives. We are fortunate to have a two-week transi- tion period as they transfer their knowledge of USA Curling business to their successors.” Tere is one more vacancy yet to be filled,

as Mike Dellemann leſt the USCA earlier this month to pursue a new job opportunity. “Now that these critical financial positions are

filled, I will be able to focus on the hiring process for a person to succeed Mike in the deputy man- ager position, which is a critical support role to allow me to maximize the time and attention I can give to revenue development and the other strategic initiatives prioritized by the USCA Board of Directors,” said Patzke. Rossi helped guide USA Luge from a sports

Ron Rossi

organization with little international success to one boasting five Olympic medals to date. With a strong background in managing the business side of a sports organization, Rossi’s experience will help strengthen the national office’s manage- ment team. A graduate of Manhattan College with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineer- ing, Rossi also served as CEO of the United States Luge Foundation, Inc. A native of New York, Rossi and his wife, Susan – who was a member of the 1984 Canadian Olympic team – have two

children. Rossi will work remotely from his home in Lake Placid. “I am looking forward to attacking the chal-

lenges that will come with this new role, but more importantly, I hope that I can put my prior ex- periences in the Olympic Movement to good use to help the organization with its efforts to win Olympic medals,” Rossi said. “I appreciate the confidence Rick has shown in me for not only the job to be done, but also for allowing me to work remotely from my home in Lake Placid.” Houck, a native of Stevens Point, previously

worked for a law company as an office assistant. She graduated with Dean’s List honors from Mid- State this spring with dual associate’s degrees in applied sciences accounting and business man- agement. While new to the sport of curling, Houck was a long time equestrian competitor in the National Pony of the Americas circuit. “I am very excited to be joining the United

States Curling Association team. I am looking forward to getting to know the sport and every- one involved,” Houck said. Te U.S. Curling Association office is head-

quartered in Stevens Point, Wis., and is the na- tional governing body for the Olympic sport of curling and Paralympic sport of wheelchair curling. Te association has seven full-time staff members at the Wisconsin office in addition to the High Performance Program staff. Te association has more than 170 member

clubs in 43 U.S. states with approximately 20,000 members.Q

USCA bylaws notice Per USCA By-Laws Section 22.3. - Notice Pro- Heather Houck

partmental ef- ficiencies, and financial reporting. Rossi replaces outgoing controller Tom

Doherty, who joined USA Curling in 2015 and will be returning to New York. Houck comes to USA Curling as a recent grad-

uate of Mid-State Technical College’s accounting and business administration program. She re- places Simone LaMarche, who is moving to Mad- ison, Wis., and pursuing a new job opportunity. “We welcome Heather and Ron to the USA

Curling National Office team, and believe that their skills and expertise are great additions as

8 ))

cedures for Amending or Repeal of by-laws by Directors: c) Upon adoption of any amendment by the

Board of Directors, written notice of the lan- guage of the Amendment shall be promptly posted on the USCA web site, and be sent by e- mail within five business days to the Presidents of each Member State and Regional Curling As- sociation and the Chair of the AAC. As Secretary, I hereby report that on July 27,

2017 in regular session with quorum present, the USCA Board of Directors adopted on a unani- mous voice vote the following amendment to Section 6.1: b) For purpose of applicable curling competi-

tions, the Board will endeavor to maintain the same division of States and Regions as has been historically recognized. Te Board will take into consideration the growth of curling in non- traditional curling areas of the United States and other relevant circumstances in any future change in geographic division of applicable curling competition. Te Board may effectuate change only once every four (4) years. Action approved: Strike the final sentence of

the section (as indicated above.) A new copy of the USCA By-Laws reflecting that change is at- tached to this email. Per USCA By-Laws Section 22.3.c, this change becomes effective August 26, 2017.

– Gordon A Maclean, USCA Board Secretary

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