Olympic e-newsletter helping clubs prepare for 2018

on the interest in curling that is typically spurred by television coverage of the Olympic Winter Games. As every club has a variety factors that infl u- ence their recruiting and retention eff orts (e.g., population in surrounding area, availability of ice), the organization has been reaching out to curl- ers who have experience working with club outreach during the Olympic Winter Games. Interviews with members of dedicated ice clubs, including one that opened just following the Games in 2014, and arena-based clubs have been featured. If you missed any of the previous editions, interview summaries can be found below and all fi les are linked on the USA Curling website. Just look for the logo at


right the next time you visit t Jennifer Stannard, Nutmeg Curling Club (March): Tips for Planning

Successful Introduction to Curling Events t Steve O’Keefe, Wausau Curling Club (April): Tips from a Member-

ship Chair t Brian Walsh, Curl San Diego (May): Advice from an Arena Curler t Lon Peper, Cedar Rapids Curling Club (June): Lessons from the Hawk-

eye State t Bucky Marshall, Coyotes Curling Club (July): Finding Direction in

the Desert Keep an eye out for the next edition, which is coming soon!

Fiſt h Annual Top 10 Bonus Curling-Related “Words of Wisdom” From Jane Austen

10] “I oſt en tell young ladies, that no excellence in curling is to be

acquired without constant practice.” – Pride and Prejudice 9] “Now they were as front enders; nay, worse than front enders,

for they could never become acquainted. It was perpetual estrange- ment.” – Persuasion 8] “If things are going untowardly one end, they are sure to mend

Earle Morris Coaching Course planned this fall in Massachusetts

October at the Hampton by Hilton Boston in Natick, Mass. T e coaching clinic, which is co-sponsored by the Grand National Curling Club (GNCC) and USA Curling, is scheduled for Oct. 21-22. While all experienced curling coaches are invited to attend, the course

A 24 ))

is specifi cally geared toward junior and highly-competitive young adult teams. Qualifi ed coaches can apply this course toward their USA Curling Coaching Certifi cation at the Junior Nationals level. Registration for the course will open on Aug. 9. T e fee for the weekend

is $300 with lunch and snacks included. To register, go to https://usacurl- Oct-21-22-2017--6/details.

re you seeking to improve your teams’ performance? Do you want to learn from one of the top curling coaches in the world? Earle Morris will be teaching an advanced coaching course this

the next.” – Emma 7] “Skips of sense, whatever you may choose to say, do not want

silly vice-skips.” – Emma 6] “T at leads and fi ſt h players should be tormented is what no

one at all acquainted with human nature in a civilized state can deny.” – Northanger Abbey 5] “Fine deliver ing, I believe, like virtue, must be its own re-

ward.” – Emma 4] “I declare aſt er all there is no enjoyment like ice reading!” –

Pride and Prejudice 3] “It is very unfair to judge of any body’s shotmaking, without

an intimate knowledge of their ice conditions.” – Emma 2] “I frequently observe that one pretty takeout would be fol-

lowed by fi ve and thirty fl ashes.” – Persuasion 1] “A very narrow inturn has a tendency to contract the mind, and sour the temper.” – Emma

or the past several months, USA Curling has been publishing an e-newsletter focused on topics of interest to members working to develop programming in their home clubs to eff ectively capitalize


Members of USA Curling’s High Performance Program, including Team Heath McCormick (above), took part in a training camp to kick off the new season at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

rocket exhaust A column by Richard Maskel

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