USWCA NEWS Why your club should join the USWCA By Stacie Pinnavaia, USWCA Membership Chairwoman

the true spirit of the game of curling. Te USWCA unites women’s curling clubs throughout the Unit- ed States to cultivate friendly relations among its members and their clubs, to promote international friendships, to preserve the traditions of the game, and to hold women’s curling events at the regional, national and international levels. As curling continues to grow nationally, most


new players now begin at an arena club. Arena club membership is a great mix of experienced curlers who may have previously played at dedicated facili- ties and those brand new to the game. Tese former members of dedicated clubs may or may not be fa- miliar with the USWCA. Oſten when I chat with curlers at arena clubs about membership, they

don’t think it makes sense to join the USWCA because they compete with hockey and figure skating for limited ice time at their host arenas. Curl- ing only one or two times a week would seem to prohibit these clubs from

USWCA Nomination Committee update

of the USWCA and will be voted on at the Association Meeting in February 2018. Tis person will serve as second vice president for the 2018-19 year, move to the position of first vice president the following year, and become USWCA president in the year 2020-21. All member clubs of the USWCA have the privilege and right to submit


names of qualified candidates to the nominating committee for consider- ation. Te full definition of second vice president duties and responsibilities is outlined on the organization’s website at Te consent of any nominee is required before submitting a candidate to

the committee for consideration. Forms for submitting a candidate can be obtained from member-club representatives. Remember that USWCA clubs nationwide can nominate a candidate. Please submit the name of candidates by Sept. 11. Tank you for your consideration and response to this important matter.

You are the USWCA and the success of this selection process is dependent on your participation. Please direct questions and completed forms to: Carol Stevenson, 500

Sutherland Circle, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 or via emal at iam7of11@sb- Q

10 ))

he United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA) is cur- rently seeking qualified nominations for the position of second vice president. Te nominee must be from the Wisconsin Region

ost curlers know that the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA) promotes and conserves

hosting an All-American (the USWCA’s annual club-level event) or from submitting teams to compete in USWCA national events, the Circuit, or the regional Five and Under bonspiels. In fact, the USWCA welcomes arena curl- ers to all of these events. Arena clubs that have joined the USWCA over the

last 10 years have brought significant enthusiasm, expertise, and new perspectives to the organization. Tese members have given the organization new ways to think about how arena clubs approach their events and curling. Tey have also helped make alli- ances between arena clubs and dedicated clubs such as co-hosting All-American events together, so that the arena club can participate but not have to rent extra ice time at their home facility. Being a member also gives your club the opportu- nity to network with other clubs that face similar is-

sues. Are you trying to raise money for a dedicated facility? Meet and learn ideas from clubs that have gone down that road. Learn about how other clubs negotiate and deal with competing schedules at an ice arena. If you would like more info about becoming a member of the USWCA, please go to Q

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