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Component Judging System makes debut For the first time, National Theatre On Ice used

the Component Judging System (CJS). The CJS was developed over the past year by Bob Horen and the Theatrical Skating Committee. “Transitioning to the CJS allows officials to


provide so much more feedback to teams compet- ing,” said John Cole, chair of the Theatrical Skating Committee. “We’re excited to see how this transition will help the discipline of Theatre On Ice continue to develop.”

Similar to the international judging system (IJS),

the CJS provides numerical values across five different components for the free performance. Judges evalu- ated skating skills, choreographic composition, quality of groups, theatricality and creation of a universe. The event also served as the final selection for the

2019 Nations’ Cup and Adult Gold Cup international competitions to be held in Marseille, France, in April 2019. Results from this event, along with the 2017 Na-

ESSEX - SPECIAL OLYMPICS Harmony Teatre Company (Ice House

Skating Academy) skated to a retelling of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory to garner the silver medal. Winning the award for Best Costume/

Makeup, Creative Ice Teatre’s (Northern Ice SC) troll program delighted the audience with its whimsical wigs en route to a third-place finish. Robert Crown Ice Productions (Robert Crown Basic Skills) claimed fourth place with an engaging and fast-paced “Ghostbusters” performance.

Open Magic City Teatre On Ice (Birmingham

FSC) captured the gold medal with a Wild West program that pitted the townspeople against bank robbers. Tey performed to music from the TV

show “Bonanza,” the spaghetti western film Te Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the “William Tell Overture” and the movie soundtrack to Te Magnificent Seven. “It was the good-versus-evil type of scenar-

io,” coach Danny Tate said. “Te good guys, of course, win over.” Tis marks the third year of National Te-

atre on Ice for Magic City. Tey have received mentoring help from Harmony’s Michelle and Piercyn Hunt, which has paid dividends already,

tional Theatre On Ice and the 2017 Nations’ Cup and Adult Gold Cup competitions, will be used to select the 16 teams to represent the United States in Mar- seille.

Tate said. Birmingham FSC hosted the 2016 Na-

tional Teatre On Ice Competition, and will do so again in 2019. Te event will be held again in the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena, which has recently undergone a $7 million renovation.

“I hope that they like it even more this

time,” Tate said. Proving that diamonds are a girl’s best

friend, ITS HOT (Brazos Valley FSC) garnered the silver medal for its free performance that cracked the case of a diamond heist. Minnesota Teatre on Ice of Rochester

(Rochester FSC) touched the audience with its “Life is Short” program for third place. North Shore Crystal Blades (North Shore SC) finished fourth with a dynamic free performance that demonstrated an effective use of props in telling a story of diversity and acceptance.

Adult It was Christmas in June as Harmony

Teatre Company (Ice House Skating Academy) skated an elf program, displaying strong tech- nical skills and group cohesion to repeat as gold medalists.

“I felt like the adults were really serious

and kind of dark this year — either serious or dark,” coach Michelle Hunt said. “So when we

came out, we were all just a bunch of silly elves singing and happy all the time. It was just a nice, fun change.” Imagica of Boston (SC of Boston) per- formed an energetic routine centered around a “Love on the High Seas” theme to take second. In fifth place after the choreographic exer-

cise, Houston Starz (SC of Houston) pulled up to win bronze with their free performance that followed three generations of women. 1st State Ice Teatre (University of Del-

aware FSC) rounded out the podium with a program that emphasized the importance of love and acceptance; it took home a special award for Best Message.

Special Olympics

Essex Special Skaters (Essex SC of NJ) took top honors with their “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” free performance from Toy Story that delighted audiences with their costuming and performance quality. Chicagoland Ice Teatre Inspirations

(Rockford SC) finished second, skating a power- ful program to “Tis is Me” from the soundtrack to Te Greatest Showman. Te Inspirations also won the award for Best Original Story. Skating to “Happy Birthday, Minnie

Mouse!” Virginia Ice Teatre (SC of Northern Virginia) secured the bronze medal.


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