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Government Affairs Division Notebook: Trade Policies & Metalcasting Each month in 2017, Modern Casting is high- lighting one of the 12 AFS divisions. Tis month the focus is on the Government Affairs Divi- sion, chaired by Brad Muller , Charlotte Pipe & Foundry.

response was overwhelmingly positive. Since trade has been identified as

Trade was a major issue in 2016 for AFS members and the Government Affairs Divison, and it remains a prior- ity again in 2017. Last year in a survey to members, the AFS Government Affairs Division learned that only 9% of responders supported the Trans-Pacific Partner- ship (TPP). Te 67% of AFS members who opposed the TPP in the survey got their wish as newly inaugurated President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the trade agreement in January. Nearly a quarter of survey responders were undecided on the TPP. Te survey also revealed the num-

ber one challenge facing foundries in selling castings to foreign customers, is unfair trade practices (62%), fol- lowed by the cost to break into foreign markets (35%). In January, the Government Affairs

Division sponsored a webinar, “Trade Policies in the Trump Administration,” which looked at President Trump’s pro- posed major changes to U.S. trade policy and how, if implemented, it will impact U.S. and foreign companies. Nearly 200 registered for the webinar, and the


a critical issue, it will take center stage at the 2017 AFS Government Affairs Fly-In in Washington, D.C., June 20- 21. Expert presentations at the Fly-In will cover trade and other issues affect- ing the U.S. metalcasting industry. A highlight of the Fly-In is meeting

face-to-face with your elected representa- tives and their staff. AFS staff will set up the meetings and provide materials and talking points to share with your senators and representatives. Register at Other issues also are critical for AFS

members, and the Government Af- fairs Division has been monitoring and communicating about safety/OSHA, en- vironment, tax reform, regulatory reform and infrastructure. Additional division activities of the past year include: • Sponsored webinars on OSHA’s new injury and illness reporting rule and President Trump’s proposals regarding tax reform.

• Submitted comments on regula- tions impacting manufacturing and permitting in response to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s request for information on burdensome regulations and permit streamlining. • Submitted comments to the U.S.

Department of Commerce in sup- port of the president’s directives to move forward on the Keystone XL Pipeline and to the domestic sourc- ing of materials for the construction, retrofitting, repair and expansion of pipelines inside the U.S.

• Provided testimony before Congres- sional committees and federal agen- cies on AFS priority issues and the impact of proposed regulations.

• Sent a letter signed by AFS CEO Doug Kurkul to every member of the 115th Congress highlighting the metalcasting industry, its priority issues and a willingness to serve as a resource. A similar letter also was sent to President Trump. Te mission of the division is to

promote and defend the interests of members and the industry with the federal government and its regulatory agencies and to increase the visibility and presence of the industry. AFS encourages all members to participate in a division, and for those with an interest in regulations and government policies, the Government Affairs Divi- sion is a perfect choice. For more information on the divi-

sion and how to join, contact Stephanie Salmon, AFS vice president govern- ment affairs, at

Design & Optimization for 3-D Sand Printing AFS & THE INSTITUTE LEETONIA, OHIO

This course focuses on designing castings for the 3-D sand printing process and opti- mizing existing designs to take advantage of the unique capabilities afforded.

JUNE 7-8


This two-day laboratory course, held at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, introduces the basic principles and practices of aluminum melting for use in castings.

JUNE 13 Steel 101


This course provides participants an introduction covering the characteristics and properties of steel, alloying elements and grades of steel, heat treatment, quality control, as well as considerations for work- ing with steel cast parts.

JUNE 14-15 Casting Defect Analysis


In order to determine the true root cause of a casting defect and select the proper corrective action, a systematic evaluation method must be applied.

56 | MODERN CASTING May 2017

JUNE 20-21 Government Affairs Fly-In


This is the premier legislative conference for metalcasters to take action on federal issues affecting our industry and meet with lawmakers and their staff. FOX News All- Star Stephen Hayes will keynote the event.

JUNE 20-21 Green Sand Molding 201


This course provides participants with knowledge related to the sand molding pro- cesses used within green sand foundries.

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