Metalcasters can protect their internal systems with a variety of simple steps to prevent the “bad guy” from malicious activity.

industries experiencing the highest number of incidents and reported records breached. Te overall industry is a tempting target, as many systems within the sector are perceived to be weak by design because of a failure to be held to compliance standards. The metalcasting industry is not

immune to these ongoing attacks on its IT systems. For example, a Midwester met-

alcasting company was recently attacked when a supposed customer email was received requesting pay- ment on a past-due account. Te email appeared entirely authentic and made it almost all the way through the system until one employee in accounting asked a simple question as to its authenticity. At that point they realized—in time— it was a ransomware attack. Many metalcasters have put into

place robust policies to inform their employees of potential threats that

affect internal systems and networks outside the confines of the company. For instance, a sand and investment casting company in New York has instituted frequent password changes in its email system due to recent prob- lems caused by malicious ransomware.

Preparations & Preventions-Internal

Metalcasters can protect their

internal systems with a variety of simple steps to prevent the “bad guy” from malicious activity. 1. Keep your operating system up to

date. So often it is tempting to ignore the periodic updates required for Windows operating systems, especially with the Windows 10 system updates, which can take time and effort. How- ever, it is important that these updates be maintained. Among other things, they fix security holes in your system and provide the latest protection.


• Be vigilant. Log files and change management systems can give you early warning of a breach.

• Make people your first line of defense. Train staff to spot the warning signs.

• Only keep data on a “need to know” basis. Only staff that needs access to systems to do their jobs should have it.

• Patch promptly. This could guard against many attacks.

• Encrypt sensitive data. Make your data next to useless if it is stolen.

• Use two-factor authentication. This can limit the damage that can be done with lost or stolen credentials.

38 | MODERN CASTING July 2017

2. Install and update your antivirus

software. Tis software is designed to prevent malicious software from embedding into your computer. Viruses can infect your computer without your knowledge. If your antivirus detects malicious code or a worm, it works to disarm or remove it. Antivirus software can be set up to update automatically. 3. Install or update antispyware

software. Spyware is exactly what it sounds like. Tis is software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge and allows the hacker to peer into your activities. Tis could take the form of pop-up ads on your web browser that collect information on you without your consent. 4. Make sure your firewall is turned

on. Te firewall helps to protect your computer from hackers who may want to gain access to crash your system, delete information for your systems and steal passwords or other sensitive information. 5. Use caution on downloads. Too

often, users download email attach- ments which can circumvent the best antivirus software. Never open an email attachment from someone you do not know. Sometimes this a good avenue for malicious software.

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