Advanced Technology International to Lead Affordability Initiative Advanced Technology International

(Summerville, South Carolina) signed a 9-year, $333 million cooperative agree- ment to lead the Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI), a consortium sponsored by the U.S. Air Force Research Labora- tory and cost-shared by industry. Te initiative is dedicated to leverag- ing consolidated government and in-

dustry resources to reduce costs, accelerate implementation, and enhance the supplier base for critical turbine engine, airframe, and space components. Tis will be the third iteration of MAI, which was origi- nally established in 1999. Te initiative has resulted in scores of actual and anticipated improvements to defense systems. “Tis award is a testament to the out-

Accuride to Acquire Mefro Wheels GmbH Accuride Corporation (Evansville,

Indiana), a supplier of components to the North American and European commercial vehicle industries an- nounced it has entered into an agree- ment to acquire Mefro wheels GmbH (Solingen, Germany). Mefro Wheels is a privately

owned supplier of steel wheels to the European and Asian passenger car, light vehicle and commercial vehicle industries and maintains manufactur- ing operations in Germany, France, Turkey, Russia and China. “Te strategic acquisition of Mefro

Wheels will solidify Accuride’s posi- tion for future growth as a supplier of

standing work everyone at ATI has done in building and sustaining our position and reputation as the preeminent provid- er of R&D collaboration management services,” said Chris Van Metre, president and CEO, ATI. “Te Metals Afford- ability Initiative is a great complement to ATI’s existing portfolio of federally- funded research programs.”

wheel end solutions to the global com- mercial vehicle industry, enabling us to better serve the needs of our global customers,” said Rick Dauch, president and CEO, Accuride. “Te addition of Mefro Wheels will extend Accuride’s geographic reach, expand our truck and trailer wheel offering in Europe, Russia and Asia and further diversify the end-markets we serve with passen- ger car and off-road construction and agriculture businesses. Combining our complementary product offerings, operations and customer relationships will enable us to serve as a depend- able source of high-quality wheels and wheel-end components for our global

Walbro Announces North American Expansion “I am pleased to announce

Walbro LLC (Tucson, Arizona) announced an expansion of its North American manufacturing operations with the opening of a new aluminum diecasting facility in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. Te new facility, which is co-located

with Walbro’s engine management plant in Los Mochis, will share man- agement, supply chain and administra- tive services with the existing plant.

Walbro’s latest investment in preci- sion diecasting and the continued expansion of our North American production operations,” said Matthew Riddle, CEO, Walbro. “Our team was able to take advantage of over 20 years of diecasting experience from our other locations to design and install a world-class diecasting facility in Mexico. Tis capability allows us

customers across a broad range of on- road and off-road applications.” Accuride began its global expansion in

November 2015 by acquiring a major- ity stake in Gianetti Ruote S.r.l. (Milan, Italy). Mefro Wheels marks Accuride’s second major acquisition under the ownership of Crestview Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, which acquired Accuride in November 2016. Accuride’s acquisition of Mefro

Wheels will create a global commercial vehicle wheel and wheel-end component supplier employing approximately 5,000 people at 15 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.

to serve our existing North American customers with shorter lead times and a broader range of products, while opening the door for opportunities to serve an expanded customer base.” Te plant will initially manufacture flywheels for small engines in the first two installed diecasting centers. Plans are already in place to add six additional diecasting machines. Te facility will employ between 60 and 70 additional workers at full capacity. Walbro supplies engine manage-

14 | MODERN CASTING July 2017 Walbro held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in June.

ment systems for the lawn and garden, recreational and marine, outdoor power equipment, and two-wheel small en- gine markets. Walbro manufactures carburetors, fuel injection systems, ignition systems, pumps, valves and fuel storage and distribution systems.

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