An employee checks the dimensions of a casting to the CAD file specifications in Osco Industries quality control lab.

plants within 40 miles of each other. Two are medium to high volume green sand casting facilities operating vertical and horizontal molding machines, the other is a shell molding facility. Last year, Osco Industries installed what is planned to be the first of four brand-new DISAMATIC D3 vertical molding lines to replace and update its aging equipment at its two green sand casting plants. Te capital investment serves as a clear indication to its customers and employees that the business is healthy and working proactively to ensure stability and steady growth. “What I try to get across to our

customers is how reliable we are,” Kayser said. “Osco is a company that has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time.” In the mid-90s, Osco Industries

saw it would not be able to keep up with the organic growth of its cus- tomers with the existing single green sand casting facility (along with the shell molding plant), so it opted to build a second, new plant four miles away in New Boston, Ohio. Like the plant in Portsmouth, the new facility installed two high volume vertical molding machines, but because it was new, Osco could configure the

18 | MODERN CASTING August 2017

lines in a more efficient setup. Where the Portsmouth plant is set up with melting in the center feeding the two vertical molding lines, a cope and drag line, and two automated hori- zontal molding lines, New Boston is set up linearly, with product mov- ing from one end of the plant to the other on conveyors and monorails. Only one forklift is needed at the end for shipping. Around the same time the New

Boston plant was being built in the 90s, Osco also installed new auto- mated vertical molding machines in Portsmouth. Fast-forward 25 years and 27

million molds later, the first of those new machines was due for a major overhaul or replacement. “We are pretty aggressive about maintenance,” said Ryan Burke, presi- dent, Osco. “We don’t like to get to the point where we are repairing every day. We noticed that the things that were failing were becoming increas- ingly expensive.” By design, Osco Industries replaces

its equipment around the same time frame. A few years ago, it upgraded the rotary drums in all its plants. By keep- ing all four vertical green sand molding machines identical to each other, Osco

has flexibility to shift casting jobs from one line or plant to another based on scheduling needs. It is one facet of maintaining the strict four-week lead time promise to its customers. “We like to have all the machines the same so we can keep spare parts,” Burke said. “With two machines, you have to double the parts. So our plan is to replace all four. Most of our parts can be made at either plant, so there’s flexibility.” Te first new molding line was

installed last summer in Portsmouth. Te second new machine is due to be installed this summer in the New Boston plant. Te final two lines are planned to be replaced in the coming two years. Te replacement schedule is aggres-

sive and a major financial commitment. Osco can proceed this way because it is so conservative, Burke said. “Te foundry industry is capital

intensive, so we are very conservative with our money,” he said. “We like to be able to finance ourselves.” Te financial health of the business

is a selling point for Kayser when he speaks with customers. “We have seen a few foundries who could not keep up with obligations and have had to go out of business

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