Filling the void I’ve been a reader and subscriber to Living Lutheran and its predecessor publications for a long time, and it keeps getting better! Thanks for the information and inspiration. Each month I start at the back [of Living Lutheran], reading Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s column first. I always feel she is speaking directly to me. And these past couple of months I then turn to the front to read Frank Honeycutt’s piece. … I particularly appreciated “Pentecost providence” in the May (2017) issue and included a copy in a card I gave to my grandson, a recent college graduate who is now looking at this enormously large and complicated world through a new lens. There is much wisdom coupled with a hint of humor. 95 Prostheses will fill a slot in my bookcase—after I finish reading it! Carol Hamilton Westerville, Ohio

Live out faith As the co-chair of the advocacy team of my congregation (Holy Trinity, Littleton, Colo.), I wish to commend you for the articles “Freed for ethical action” (May, page 44) and “Exploring ELCA social statements” (June, page 21). For me these articles, along with Bishop Eaton’s [column] on “Serving the neighbor in charged times” (June, page 50), are strong reminders that I am called to live out my faith in the world for the sake of the most vulnerable and that I need to insist that my elected officials do the same. Judy Lounsberry Littleton, Colo.

Lutheran inspiration I love the cover selection for the June 2017 issue of Living Lutheran! I teach ninth grade at our local high school and the young lady featured on your cover was featured in one episode of Channel One student news when they revealed the winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest. What an inspiring story (and she’s Lutheran)! Huger Caughman Newberry, S.C.

On the cover A child (name withheld) at St. Mark Lutheran Preschool, Charlottesville, Va.—a Certified Nature Explore Classroom. Photo: Courtesy of St. Mark.

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6 AUGUST 2017

Great appreciation Just a note to express my great appreciation for the really fine section on “E Pluribus Unum Deus: Out of many, one God” (June, page 14). My husband (Bill Lesher, retired chair of the board for the Parliament of the World’s Religions) and I have been involved in PWR since the 1993 centennial in Chicago, so positive reports on Lutheran support for interreligious (or interfaith) activities are great to know about. The article written by K.T. Sancken and the extraordinarily meaningful illustration by Daniel Marsula are also outstanding. As a retired journalist and editor, I want to say how excellent I find Living Lutheran every month. I was once on the board for The Lutheran (and Augsburg Fortress) and so have a history of reading it. Keep up the good work! A. Jean Lesher Claremont, Calif.

Reminder to be ready Thanks for a great article “Out of many, one God.” I cringed when the chaplain said he was chided by Muslim muftis for holding back in sharing his faith, remembering the many times I’ve failed to do so. “Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15-16). We Lutherans are good at gentleness and respect, but not so good at verbally expressing our hope in Christ. Healthy small groups in congregations show people how to share their “God stories” among friends, equipping them to take that message gently and respectfully to seekers and people of other faiths. Paul Theis Vallejo, Calif.

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